Your aggregation has been apprenticed by Apple to actuate chump adherence and achievement of iPhone 6 smartphone users. Data will be analyzed and acclimated to bazaar the accessible iPhone 7 phone. You accept been tasked by your Marketing Manager to actualize a 20 account analysis in Qualtrics which measures aspects of chump adherence and satisfaction.     1. Brief addition to the analysis and its purpose 2. Demographic Questions (3 questions) 3. Personality/Lifestyle Questions (3 questions) 4. Attitude Questions (3 questions) 5. Awareness/Knowledge questions (3 questions) 6. Intention (3 questions) 7. Behavior (3 questions) 8. Other - your best questions (2 questions)   Login to Qualtrics to actualize the survey. Once the analysis has been completed, you will do the following: Publish the analysis which can be done by selecting Distributions -> Web (i.e. Status should be ACTIVE) so anyone can admission it over the web. Note the URL of your analysis which you will accommodate in the Word certificate to be submitted. The analysis you will abide in the Dropbox charge be in MS-Word format. Qualtrics allows you to consign the completed analysis in MS-Word. Look beneath Tools, annal bottomward till you see "Export analysis to Word....." (leave all options selected) and save this book to your computer. Open the MS-Word file, access your name, date, and URL of your survey. SAVE DOCUMENT AS "MORGANT"

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