Qualitative research project on leader-follower communication

 Qualitative assay activity on leader-follower communication ***APA Appearance with in-text citation, with an Abstract page. Please use Scholarly Journal Articles and Peer-reviewed Journal Articles for in-text commendation for references and advertence page.*** 2000 words \15 + pages with tables, charts, graphs or diagrams apery findings. Details: Locate three followers who address to altered authoritative leaders (three altered leaders). Using qualitative all-embracing account methods and procedures, actuate how followers appetite to acquaint with them — style, quantity, type, etc.  Write a assay cardboard that presents the assay catechism that answers what followers appetite from their leaders in commendations to communication, the methods and procedures used, the abstracts collected, the assay of the data, and your accepted findings. · Your interviews MUST be conducted contiguous or via buzz or SKYPE.   · Your claimed assay MUST be accurate by added bookish research.  You can calmly apprehend to accept 6 or added alien bookish references. · Excellent assay affidavit will accommodate tables, charts, graphs or diagrams apery your findings. · Excellent assay affidavit will accommodate the account questions amid the items in the Appendices. · The appointment this aeon is a qualitative cardboard analytical what followers apprehend of leaders apropos their communication. · Your account questions are key to your abstracts collection.  Taking time to appearance a few acceptable questions will crop amazing advice for you.  · Other abstracts to accord with, enhance and strengthen your qualitative data.  For this you may appetite to use an online abstracts accumulating site.  I accept acclimated Zoomerang and currently use SurveyMonkey.  · A qualitative abstraction does not beggarly that you will not accept quantitative data.  Be abiding to accommodate questions with measures not aloof narratives in your composites. 1.  Cover folio – your certificate charge accept a awning page.   2.  Abstract – your certificate charge accept an Abstract.  3.  Introduction – your certificate should accept a bright addition that sets up the certificate for the reader.  Telling the clairvoyant what the key anticipation of the certificate is, what you will cover, what they can apprehend to apprehend and entices them to apprehend on. 4.  Structure – Work on advancing outlines for yourselves.  How will you present what you are award through your research?  What is important for the clairvoyant to know?  What did you discover? 5.  Conclusion – your certificate charge accept a bright conclusion.  Don’t acquaint article new in the conclusion.  This is a accretion and inspiration.

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