APA STYLE  300 words per topic 2-3 associate advised references per topic Topic 1:    To analyze qualitative methods and accoutrement in added detail, accede the afterward scenario: The bounded badge arch in anxious about the community’s acumen of bounded law administration and has asked you to conduct a qualitative abstraction to analyze association members’ attitudes. Identify four qualitative accoutrement that you could use to aggregate advice to conduct this research. Describe how anniversary of the four accoutrement differs and how the abstracts calm addresses the overarching analysis catechism apropos association attitudes about bounded law enforcement. Which qualitative apparatus do you anticipate would be best able in researching this topic? Why? Describe how the abstracts calm application the qualitative apparatus aloft would be considerately and accurately analyzed. Topic 2: Accepted Topics Research accepted contest accompanying to the advance and column at atomic 2 of these events Describe how your called items tie into any of the afterward advance topics: a. Purpose of Bent Amends Research b. Ethical Issues in Bent Justice c. Unifying attempt of Organizational Behavior d. Scientific adjustment and the analysis action in bent amends and criminology e. free what abstracts to aggregate and how to aggregate data f. Differences Between Quantitative and Qualitative Purpose Statements and Analysis Questions g. Qualitative or Quantitative methods

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