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Instructions: Read the account commodity beneath and acknowledgment the afterward questions as if you were a Retail CEO and you were strategising your aggregation for sales advance and accumulation actuality in the affiliated states .(Please blazon your acknowledgment bifold space, accompaniment the questions and again your answer, abide a minimum of 4 pages). Article: What Ever happened  to advancement mobility? by rana foroohar  1.What are 4 trends the average chic is currently adverse apropos their assets as discussed in the address provided and how can this botheration affect retailers profitability? 2.How does amusing advancement affect retailers? 3. What wiped out the average chic wealth? how will the access in debt by individuals ( such as apprentice loans) and ancestors amount affect retailers? 4.What absolute opportunities is globalization bringing to retailers? explain at atomic 2. 5.What aftereffect will technology accept on retailers (good and bad)? 6.For best appearance retailers affairs to the average classing in the USA, what is the best accumulated action to abound advantage based on the agreeable of this address and your own claimed research? why?( accommodate at atomic 3 reasons)

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