QA Project 2

Prepare a Analysis Automation Project appliance a web or adaptable appliance  or API as your analysis object. Actualize a Analysis automation plan and archetype the automation calligraphy into the analysis plan. Programming languages accepted: Java, Selenese, Ruby, Javascript You charge display at atomic 2 of the afterward analysis automation techniques: Object Oriented Techniques Objects are created to modularize and reclaim code Test cipher is stored in objects Component article architecture is acclimated as against to folio article design Test abstracts are stored in objects Configurations and backdrop are stored in objects Calls are fabricated to the appliance and to APIs Use of Abstracts apprenticed techniques Create modular, reusable analysis libraries of functions Create variables and arrays to abundance data Create parameterized functions or methods to abundance data Create book readers that cull in ambit from files (CSV, argument files etc) Abstract out the abstracts from the analysis by externalizing the data Add loops, conditions, actualize accepted tests that are abstracts driven Abstract out the UI locators from the tests by externalizing UI maps Create all-around backdrop and agreement files Use of keyword apprenticed techniques Create keyword apprenticed libraries ODBC/JDBC functions to apprehend abstracts anon from databases Create spreadsheets of keywords: analysis operations, business operations Create bureaucracy of absent keyword spreadsheets Build a Analysis Framework Compatible with abounding analysis accoutrement and accepted utilities (example: Selenium, WebDriver, Junit and Jmeter can all be alleged from accepted framework) Abstracts abroad low akin commands

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