Week 7 Deliverables Overview:  In this week, you accept advised added Python accent syntax for abacus Image, Table and Anatomy HTML tags through functions and appliance the Python Alembic module. The Lab for this anniversary demonstrates your ability of this added Python functionality. Be abiding to use the examples in the arbiter account forth with the accessory libraries, functions and processes back commutual the assignments for this week. Be abiding to advance and analysis your Python cipher in the AWS Cloud9 IDE provided for the class. You should abide to use the PEP Python Style adviser mentioned in the book and begin here: Some examples of Python Coding Style best practices include:  Limit all curve to a best of 79 characters.  Imports are consistently put at the top of the file, aloof afterwards any bore comments and afore bore globals and constants.  Use 4 spaces for indentation. Acquiescence requirements for this activity accommodate 2 files. (Zipping them into one book is adequate and encouraged):  Python Enhanced Web Folio Cipher  PDF or Word book assuming your analysis and affidavit after-effects Python Applications for Lab7: (total 100 points): This exercise (80 points) uses the AWS Cloud9 ambiance to enhance the Web folio you created aftermost anniversary with added functionality to accommodate images, tables and a Anatomy appliance Python flask. The Web folio should accommodate all basal apparatus of the HTML anatomy including:      Page Title     ...your folio content...   In accession to the basal HTML anatomy apparatus listed aloft forth with the apparatus you added aftermost week, the afterward items should be added:  At atomic 4 altered images. The images should be bounded on the Cloud9 IDE environment. For example, they should be adored on your AWS billow ambiance and referenced agnate to this syntax: 2  1 Table with at atomic 4 rows and 3 columns.  1 anatomy acceptance a user to access at abide abstracts for 2 textfields, 1 textarea, and one baddest (drop down) component. The anatomy should accept a abide and displace button. Use Post for your activity type. Abstracts should be submitted to a Cloud9 IDE achievement file. The agreeable and affair of the new images, table and forms are up to you. It should be different and article you appetite to actualize and accumbent with the antecedent submission. Hints: 1. Start early. This will booty you best than you think. 2. Analysis all aspects of the anatomy from ascribe to achievement on the Cloud9 Server 3. Be abiding to accelerate me questions, if you charge assistance. 2. Document your after-effects of the appliance active from the AWS Cloud9 classroom environment. Provide awning captures and descriptions of you active the Python appliance aural AWS Cloud9 acceptance you auspiciously started and accept navigated to your Web appliance appliance your Browser. Show awning captures of your Web appliance active on the Browser. 20 points) Any submissions that do not represent assignment basic from the apprentice will be submitted to the Dean’s appointment and evaluated for accessible bookish candor violations and sanctions. 

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