python program

 Create some comments at the top of the file:  Python Final Project: Acme Department Abundance of Paramus - Christmas Shopping Account App Author: Your Name School: Pace University Course: CIS101 Instructor: Assistant Michael Sidaras-Tirrito Semester: Fall 2018 Date Created: An absolute date you created the file Defines the afterward functions  A action called displayMenu that displays the card of choices to accept from, as apparent in the achievement sample below. A action called getChoice that collects a cardinal from the user and allotment that cardinal in adjustment to actuate the best selected A action called updateShoppingList that displays the names of the admired ones and their basis numbers, again asks the user to access a best for which almanac to update.  It should again change the 9th acreage of that almanac (the achievement status) to "completed".  Part of this action will already accept been created for you by the professor. A action called displayShoppingList that displays all the agreeable from the absolute list.  For anniversary admired one whose achievement cachet is apparent as completed, it will accept to account the absolute spent, forth with the aberration from the approaching amount.  Part of this action will already be created by your professor. A action called exitProgram that prints the acknowledge you banderole so that the appliance can end. Initializes the following:  An arrangement called christmasShoppingList, of admeasurement 5 (This is for the annal of altered admired ones. See the Shopping Account Table Beneath - This will already accept been created by the professor.) Nested Sub-Arrays, anniversary of admeasurement 9 (To abundance annal of data; there are nine fields.  Again, see the Shopping Account Table Beneath - This will already accept been created by the professor.) A numeric capricious called totalSpent, defaulted to 0.0 A numeric capricious called differenceSpent, defaulted to 0.0 A numeric capricious called choice, defaulted to 0 Starts a while bend to accumulate the affairs active for as continued as the user wants.  This will be programmed by your professor.  Displays the Welcome Banderole apparent in the sample output Calls the displayMenufunction Calls the getChoicefunction and catches the alternate amount into the best variable Uses an if account to actuate which action to alarm next.  The if account will be partially accounting by the professor.  You will accept to add the adapted calling statements area they accord in the if statement. If the best was 1, alarm the updateShoppingList function If the best was 2, alarm the displayShoppingList function If the best was 3, alarm the exitProgram action (Program will self-terminate afterwards this)

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