• Purpose: The aim of this assignment is for you to research and write about possible criminal justice careers within the public sector.

•   Requirements: You charge analysis three career options aural the accessible area whether local, state, or federal. This may be any career whose aim is to account the community. For example, it may be accompanying to policing, accessible arresting of plaintiffs in the courts, adolescent abundance arrangement etc. If at all accessible try to artlessly account a being that works aural the careers you accept called to ask them about their careers (perhaps you appetite to apperceive how they got there and how their responsibilities accept afflicted over time), about this is not necessary. For anniversary of the three careers you account and address about the following: o   Where these careers would booty place o   Educational and acquaintance requirements o   The appliance and hiring action o   The scheduling and time that is appropriate to be spent on the job (for example, are you appropriate to assignment on holidays, how continued are accustomed shifts, etc.) o   The action beneath which promotions occur o   Estimated starting bacon and allowances and how this changes over time. o   Quality of activity for the career, stressors, or dangers. o   Any assorted information. o   You charge actualize a table that organizes these factors •   Once you accept aggregate all of this advice you charge address a altercation on the pros and cons of anniversary career path. You charge additionally address about what you begin best absorbing while researching anniversary career. •   Use bookish bookish sources whenever possible, about it may not consistently be accessible to acquisition empiric abstracts on all your career options. Nevertheless, burden from application the argument book.

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