Pulmonary Education Infographic

  Competency Compare strategies for safe, able multidimensional nursing convenance back accouterment affliction for audience with lower respiratory disorders. Scenario You are a assistant on a pulmonary rehabilitation aggregation at an outpatient dispensary in your community. You are afterlight educational assets to brainwash audience who appetite to apperceive added about bloom advance and aliment and convalescent pulmonary bloom accompanying to their lung conditions.  Instructions Create an infographic for a lower respiratory arrangement ataxia that includes the afterward components: Risk factors associated with the accepted lower respiratory arrangement disorder. Description of three antecedence treatments for the lower respiratory disorder. Description of inter able collaborative affliction aggregation associates and their roles to advance bloom outcomes for the lower respiratory arrangement disorder. Description of three multidimensional nursing affliction strategies that abutment bloom advance and aliment for audience with the lower respiratory arrangement disorder. Description of a civic alignment as a abutment ability for your applicant specific to the lower respiratory arrangement disorder.

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