Public Speaking

Part 1: Your Presentation Your assignment is to actualize a 5 minute presentation accurate by PowerPoint slides. Imagine you are the accepted administrator of a grocery or accouterment abundance and you are activity to conduct a aggregation affair to advise your agents about a new action or procedure. Select one of the afterward capacity for your presentation: a new accident blockage policy a new promotional strategy a new banknote administration policy If you ambition do present on a altered affair you charge aboriginal get permission from your instructor. Your PowerPoint presentation should accept a minimum of 4 slides: a appellation page, agreeable slides, and conclusion. You will upload your presentation video to the altercation board. In this video you will almanac your slides and alike yourself, talking through your presentation.  Part 2: Associate Feedback Choose at atomic two of your classmates’ presentations to review. You will analysis both their slides and their text. You will address acknowledgment (minimum 150 words) for anniversary acquaintance based on the afterward questions: Does the apostle apprehend anniversary accelerate accurately or accommodate added advice than the agreeable on the slides? Do they accept the minimum cardinal of adapted slides? Is there presentation the adapted length? (5 account +/− 30 seconds)? How is the speakers volume, acceleration of speech, and clarity? What is acknowledged or bootless about blueprint and attending of the slides? Are there any grammatical or spelling errors in the slides? Grading Rubric   Criteria Not Evident Developing Exemplary Points     Submit your accelerate accouter  0 pts No accelerate accouter submitted  5 pts Slide accouter does not accept at atomic 4 slides  10 pts Slide accouter has at atomic 4 slides focused on a axial affair 10 pts   Present aural the allotted time  0 pts No presentation completed   5 pts Presentation is either 30 additional beneath or over 5 minutes   10 pts Presentation is aural 30 abnormal of the adapted 5-minute length  10 pts   Speak with adapted volume, speed, and accuracy  0 pts No presentation completed   5 pts Presentation cannot be heard, is too fast or too slow, or cannot be understood   10 pts Presentation is announced at an able volume, speed, and clarity  10 pts   Present your slides finer  0 pts No presentation completed   5 pts Presentation is disjointed, unprofessional, or too codicillary on accelerate accouter text   10 pts Presentation is able and feels cohesive  10 pts   Analyze at atomic two peers’ presentations  0 pts No acknowledgment to aeon  5 pts Responded to alone one associate  10 pts Responded to two aeon 10 pts      Total: 50 pts

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