Respond to this altercation answer  As a accessible employee, I would not appetite to be categorized as a “cost” to the company, I would rather be categorized as an “asset” to the company. In the video, Barry was labeled an “asset” and was accepted for about aggregate he brought to the company, however, Sammy was aloof as acute and talented, and she additionally brought bigger business deals to the aggregation that additional it sales by 40%, but was not praised. Sammy began to feel actual unappreciated, and exceptionable at the company. Of course, I do not accede with advisers actuality labeled as neither “cost” or “asset.” It alone tells us that a aggregation does not amount the abilities and adamantine assignment of the employees.  I am “the agnate of an affectionate allotment of property,” because actuality a “liability to be minimized,” alone agency they are boring attractive for my replacement. My amount to aggregation is huge, I accompany leadership, and allowances for the company, hardworking, and actual reliable.  When acclamation the affection of animal basic challenges, the affection and body of advisers does not fit into cardinal “capital” management. Animal basic needs to be a top antecedence in your company. If i was assassin as Director, this would be an huge appulse in a acceptable way. It helps me to ensure that my advisers are qualified, and are “assets” to the company, rather than a “cost.” The aggregation and our advisers should flourish, and be on top.  

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