Please Note: Application a minimum of 4 contempo bookish peered advised accessories beneath than 5yrs old for DQ 1 and 2. Must be cited application APA format, 750 words for anniversary affair AND accommodate the HTTP or DOI for all references used.  DQ 1 Should prisoners with a history of analgesic assurance be offered analgesic backup analysis while incarcerated? Why or why not?  DQ 2 What are the ethical considerations of prescribing consciousness-expanding medications for certifiable individuals? What are the risks of inmates demography these medications? How can bastille admiral abate these risks back it appears that an bedfellow could account from consciousness-expanding medications? How ability bastille admiral animate an atmosphere of acquiescence with such a program? PLEASE SEE RESOURCES: 1. Prisoners' Experiences of Antipsychotic Medication: Influences on Adherence Read “Prisoners' Experiences of Antipsychotic Medication: Influences on Adherence” by Mills, Lathlean, Bressington, Forrester, Van Veenhuyzen, & Gray from Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology (2011).    2. Correctional Mental Health: From Theory to Best Practice Read Chapter 7 in Correctional Mental Health: From Theory to Best Practice. View Resource

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