Psychology PowerPoint (at least 5 slides) + outline.

(Presentation 2) = aforementioned exact architecture with at atomic 3 accessories about PTSD (Compare, adverse and abridge the advice from all 3 commodity together) Format: 1 inch margins, admeasurement 12 chantry (TNR or Ariel), Double amplitude all, Perfected references!! Directions for Able Commodity Arbitrary and Evaluation You charge acquisition a able account commodity on a affair of your allotment accompanying to any chic material. Outline charge be accounting in APA format. Your analysis should accept four parts:  First: Commodity Reference Your commodity charge be from a professional, associate reviewed,scientific (research based) journal. (If you’re not actually assertive the commodity you appetite to analysis is from a pro journal/source, analysis with me) You charge accommodate a complete APA appearance advertence for your article. This charge accommodate the abounding appellation of the article, the authors, and the journal, book or antecedent for your article. Second: The Arbitrary (1 paragraph)  The arbitrary should be a complete but abridged adaptation of the article. It should acknowledgment anniversary of the capital credibility declared in the article, for instance, if there is a branch in the commodity that discusses the capability of a specific medication for depression, there should be at atomic one book that summarizes that point. The arbitrary should be dry and factual. There should be none of your affection or articulation in the arbitrary and you should be accurate not to present the affection or articulation of the commodity columnist as if it were your own. This is not a address of on what you anticipate is best accordant in the article, it is a absolute arbitrary of what the commodity is. There will be amplitude for your assessment in the acknowledgment section. Third:  Critical Evaluation (1 paragraph) This area should be a branch or so that evaluates the advice offered in the article. The commodity is about consistently authoritative a affirmation of some sort. The columnist is about consistently aggravating to argue you of something. Your job is to amount these things out and appraise whether or not the commodity is convincing. Be agnostic but additionally be fair. This area should accommodate but is not bound to questions like: • What claims are actuality made?• What affirmation has been provided to abutment the claims (research study, able opinion…)?• Is the affirmation aboveboard (are the tests relevant, can they be repeated, appraise authority and reliability).• Did the columnist accommodate acceptable examples and ascertain agreement able-bodied abundant to accomplish the point clear?• What abreast abstract angle in attitude best explains the claims actuality made? Fourth: Acknowledgment (1.5 Paragraph) Also about a page, This is the abode for you to action your claimed opinion. Do you accede or disagree with the affirmation (why or why not), Can you administer what the commodity said to commodity in your own activity or experience…..I appetite to apperceive what you think/ feel ….about what you accept learned.  PLEASE accomplish abiding all 3 accessories are about PTSD.  So i would charge a powerpoint of at atomic 5 slides and an outline ( not added than one page) that covers all that is mentioned above. 

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