Psychology Paper- 6 Pages

Assignment One – Date Research

Value:  20%  


To accommodate acceptance with an befalling to added accept adorning approach and to administer adorning theory.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify activities associated with a specific date of development
  • Research Erik Erikson’s psychosocial stages and one alternative adorning theory
  • Research ecology factors that can baffle with the stages of development
  • Explain accessible measures that could be taken to abbreviate the abrogating appulse of the ecology factors 

Assignment Directions

  • You will be assigned one of the afterward advance and development stages: 
  • Infancy
  • Early Childhood
  • Middle Childhood
  • Adolescence
  • Early Adulthood
  • Middle Adulthood
  • Late Adulthood
  • Write a 6-8 folio analysis cardboard (not including appellation and advertence pages) based on the afterward components:
  1. Introduction: afterwards a abrupt overview of the developmental stage, announce what the clairvoyant can apprehend to apprentice about in your paper. 
  2. Brief altercation of one accustomed adorning activity for individuals in this age range. This adorning action could be in the breadth of physical, cognitive, affecting or amusing development.
  3. Discussion of what Erik Erikson anticipation was the key crisis and main event(s) occurring during this adorning date and how this approach explains accustomed adorning action during this stage. 
  4. Discussion of one alternative adorning theory covered in the advance and how this approach explains accustomed adorning action during this stage. 
  5. Description of one abrogating ecology factor that can baffle with the accustomed adorning activity. 
  6. Discussion of two bactericide measures that can advice assure an alone from the abrogating ecology agency afore it has occurred.
  7. Discussion of two action measures that can advice abbreviate the abrogating impacts of the ecology agency afterwards it has occurred. 
  8. Conclusion: abridge key allegation from your research.

Research Expectations

You may use your arbiter as a starting point for your analysis but are accepted to accept at atomic three alternative bookish sources for this paper.  You are encouraged to use the afterward sources:

  • Journal accessories from the library databases including: PsycINFO, Bookish Search Complete, ERIC (Education Resources Information Center), Education Analysis Complete, EBSCO Host Databases, Health & Wellness Resource Centre, Health Source Consumer, PubMed
  • Google Scholar:
  • Developmental attitude textbooks begin in the library on the assorted stages (e.g. backward adulthood, adolescence, etc.).  Keep in apperception some of the accepted sources acclimated in a array of courses are begin on assets in the library. Attitude e-textbooks are additionally adequate bookish sources. 
  • IMPORTANT: General Googled searches are not advised bookish sources (e.g.,,, etc.)

APA & Writing Expectations

For this paper, you may use either the 6th or 7th copy of the APA appearance guide. The BVC APA Appearance Guide on the BVC library website is accessible for advertence folio and in-text commendation formatting. 

Use APA formatted subheadings (i.e. no numbers but a 2-3 chat title) to announce subsections of the paper. Using the articulation provided, amuse accede all of the areas aural this cardboard as subsections, acute akin 2 headings.  For example, 

Preventative Measures 

  • Papers that are missing a advertence account or in-text citations are advised a case of bookish dishonesty, will not be graded and will accept a brand of zero. 
  • All affidavit will be arrested for bookish dishonesty.
  • Correct grammar (including actual verb tense), book structure, spelling, and analogue are expected. You charge additionally annihilate run-on sentences (sentences that do not end or accept able punctuation) and abridged sentences (fragments). 

Marking Criteria – Date Research

Normal Development and ActivityDevelopmental date and action are inadequately addressed.Developmental date and action are addressed briefly; absolute account is absent.Developmental date and action are explained and elaborated upon.Developmental date and action are well explained with elaboration and examples.
Erikson’s TheoryErikson’s approach is poorly explained or missing.Erikson’s approach is briefly used to explain development of the accustomed activity.Erikson’s approach is acclimated to explain development of the accustomed activity.Erikson’s approach is thoroughly acclimated to explain development of the accustomed activity.
Developmental TheoryDevelopmental approach poorly explained or missing.Developmental approach is briefly used to explain development of the accustomed activity.Developmental approach is acclimated to explain development of the accustomed activity.Developmental approach is thoroughly acclimated to explain development of the accustomed activity.
Interfering  Ecology FactorEnvironmental agency does not logically chronicle able-bodied to situation.Environmental agency is discussed but is poorly explained.Environmental agency is thoroughly explained.Environmental agency is elaborated upon and actual thoroughly explained.
Preventive MeasuresOnly addresses one antitoxin measure.Discusses two antitoxin measures OR antitoxin measures overlap.Explains two preventive measures.Elaborates aloft and thoroughly explains two antitoxin measures.
Intervention MeasuresOnly addresses one amid measures.Mentions two amid measures OR interventions overlap.Explains two amid measures.Elaborates aloft and thoroughly explains two amid measures.
Mechanics & APA FormattingAssignment has misspellings/ grammatical errors.  References & in-text citations accommodate significant errors. Assignment has correct spelling and grammar.  APA referencing and in-text citations are attempted but not consistently correct.Assignment has excellent spelling and grammar. APA alignment is anxious and accessible to follow. APA referencing is correct.
Total Points/20

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