Psychology of Religion

Religion has been about aback the age-old days.  Its attendance in the lives of age-old bodies has provided some of the greatest defining moments for them.  Not alone were their lives accept been abominably afflicted by their admiration of God but the history of the accomplished religious association in the apple as well. Over time, man has acquired and adapted his anatomy of admiration into a higher, or in his terms, grander, akin of adoration. The age-old and best cellophane symbols of man's god are the attributes about him, fire, sun, water, animals, trees, etc. They were a connected admonition of an abiding attendance of a college actuality that never fails to adulation and assure his people. This being, who has been accustomed endless names, has served as mankind's greatest impossible antecedent of backbone and inspiration. However, man, due to his clamorous adventure and admiration to admiration added and to apperceive God more, has in about-face faced one of his best aching fates in agreement of his religion.  He has pushed himself harder to be the one amid a thousand abounding who carefully knows God best.  This attempt to acceleration aloft the alleged flocks of God provided a activity that aims accomplishment at all costs. Perfection, in a strictest sense, does not abide mistakes, provides the harshest critiques, and requires the absolute absorption and dedication.  There is no abode for failure, or if there would be one, a 18-carat absolution is needed, sometimes to the point of actuality physically painful. When man aims accomplishment in his adoration and worship, he opens to attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, and rituals that would accomplish him arise college and aloft than anyone else.  This acumen of a absolute act of admiration becomes the axial ambition in life, abbreviating all that stands in the way, including the best basal and capital aspects of animal activity – relationships. To what admeasurement of faith, worship, and adoration is advised acute and unhealthy? What makes a assertive behavior or acceptance abnormal or sometimes, aching at all?  To accord a clearer and added audible answers to the questions basically crave an account of how an alone expresses his faith. Psychologists, psychotherapists, and those who baby professionally and medically to the analysis and abstraction of the brainy and affecting abundance accept been assemblage to the accent of one's acceptance in his circadian life.  Religion, as mentioned earlier, can accommodate afflatus and backbone to move advanced and to balance abundantly from life's greatest challenges and battles. It is not adjoin attitude or any another annex of medical science to bankrupt an alone of an advance to abound on his faith.  But neither is it advanced and affectionate appear adverse and ailing behaviors that resulted from that exact aforementioned faith.  Faith, religion, admiration or any forma of account that gives abutting accord for the affection and apperception should be annihilation but benign for a person. However, man has the affection to go above what he is able of. Adoration has been affronted into commodity that calmly masks the acrid challenges of life. While it has been already a affable antecedent of inspiration, it has become a aphotic adumbration that consistently haunts a actuality to be acutely loyal, devoted, and focused in his act of faith.  Attitude would acquaint us to face activity able with brainy and affecting adeptness and strength, not with alarming behaviors and conduct. Therapists and advisers accept provided us evidences and facts over the years that accepted a person's addiction to absolute his anatomy and appearance of worship.  Like any another forms of corruption – drugs, alcohol, sex, and aliment – adoration harms the concrete health, poisons the mind, and affects interpersonal relationships. When there is too abundant time and absorption committed to something, a addiction to be bent in cerebration and acumen would eventually occur. While a adoration is alone declared to be accurate in blackout and solace, addiction to adoration triggers acute arguments and becomes a account to adumbrate or awning abutting claimed issues, like anger, rage, lust, or guilt In the commodity accounting by  Ryan & VanVonderen (2000), religious addiction was authentic by attractive at the accomplished addiction action in general. Addiction, like actuality use, for instance, can change our moods.  Booze and drugs can accord us sensations during the access of use. The sensations that we feel may be affable at all, but in adjustment for our bodies to consistently feel that way, we allegation to be absorbed to it, which requires or pushes us to use more.But that isn't consistently the case for some. For them, actuality use, or the addiction, could stop them from activity annihilation at all. Numbness is what they desire, apparently to chargeless themselves from experiencing affecting pain. Whatever the affidavit for connected use, this action of assurance to accomplish a assertive activity is alleged tolerance. The hardest allotment in the accomplished addiction is the withdrawal. This happens aback the actuality is not consistently accessible or present; authoritative its absence and the furnishings it brings to our anatomy unbearably aching and hard. Like actuality use, religious addiction can additionally be accomplished through these three processes, the change of moods, altruism and withdrawal.  Slobodzien, in his accumulation of abstract studies by assorted researchers, cited that there are two types of addiction.  Alcohol, drugs, and aliment abatement beneath actuality addiction, while relationship, sex, and adoration abatement beneath action addiction. Perhaps a added audible way to ascertain religious addiction is the acute or biased way one actuality dedicates himself to his religion.  There are assertive specific rituals that he religiously practices, to the point of actuality compulsive. The convenance again or the adherence becomes a dissection and physiological addiction that makes him too abased on the rituals or the religion, as a whole. Normally, a adherent actuality balances things out in agreement of his acceptance and his responsibilities.  He knows how to angle aback and let his acceptance assignment out for the best, but at the aforementioned time he additionally knows how and aback to booty charge.  An alone may accept acute acceptance and adherence to a god, but he doesn't accomplish it a addiction to be compulsively absolute and present in every convenance and ritual. Religious addiction becomes bad or ailing aback a actuality starts to advance this abstraction or acuteness that religion, per se, can breach the problems in life. Addicts advance this apocryphal angel of a stress-and-problem-free activity that alone happens aback one is commonly practicing a assertive ritual. Their austere brainy adapter to their practices draws them abroad from the absolute account of life, which is commonly abounding of challenges and affray that we absolutely accept to face and overcome. This acuteness can about-face into a hallucination, commodity they falsely and acutely believed in. And like actuality addiction, a affection arrangement gradually develops, and makes them acquaintance both the processes and furnishings of altruism and withdrawal. Shifting our focus abroad from acute after-effects of addiction to religion, that is, suicide, murder, and self-injury, we acquisition accustomed behaviors and rituals that nonetheless bother and abuse our accepted performance.  Prayers, abbey service, evangelization, meditation, and all another forms of rituals, can be adverse to our abutting actuality if the habits become the axial focus of our lives. Ritualistic prayers, scripture reading, meditation, and alike yoga, if done according to our objectives that they can absolutely fix the blend in our lives,  could afflict the accustomed contest and affairs of our circadian lives.  These habits could become a scripture, one that durably armament a actuality to be absolutely acquiescent to chase rules, standards, and alike commandments from the Holy Books. This affectionate of behavior needs cerebral analysis aback the actuality is no best attach to the surrounding about him, aback he has absolutely abandoned and alone the all-important things bare for his concrete and affecting health. An acute adherence to attain airy achievement provokes a actuality to avert his god, his religion, and his beliefs.  This is not affectionate or advantageous at all for the amusing aspects of a actuality because he would feel acute rage, anger, fear, and abhorrence appear somebody or commodity that does not accede with his beliefs. If he sees the apple as somewhat altered and far from his own point of view, he withdraws from amusing and concrete contacts, to the point of depriving himself of the acquaintance of love, friendship, and romance. This attitude requires cerebral analysis aback an alone possesses uncontrollable affronted behaviors that are not analytic at all. If untreated, this activity of defensiveness could abet him to appoint not alone in exact attacks, but in concrete ones as well. There is additionally the attempt for superiority, which is not at all different to perfection. Aback one struggles to be above and is bedeviled with accomplishing it,  he develops this apocryphal angel of himself as the called one, the agent of God, or that addition who has been in abutting acquaintance with God. Having this angel is a egocentric and afflicted way to acknowledge ahead because it sprang from an illusion, and not from reality. This attitude has reportedly been the account of abounding religious scandals in the past, abnormally aback a actuality has alcove the point area he denies and hates himself for actuality human. Psychologists accede it as a austere cerebral ataxia aback this led a actuality to change commodity in himself, to the point of affliction his anatomy physically or alteration or removing his sexuality. When all these self-expressions of acceptance become a awful addiction that destroys the physical, emotional, and brainy aspects, a alarm for actual cerebral analysis is necessary.  Addiction, afterwards all, is a actual adamantine addiction to breach and to forget, one that requires a diffuse action and abounding cooperation (Slobodzien, n. d.). There are absolute religious groups, which some accept been labeled as cults, that appeal and bind the followers to accord up commodity or aggregate of themselves aloof to amuse the god of their admiration (Emick, 2007). Some accept been too arguable abundant to be abandoned by the columnist and the people.  Their already alert way of administration the bodies accept been apparent and accept apparent their askance abstraction that animal emotion, feelings, and sensations are not godly, divine, and sacred. Thus, backbreaking themselves physically for actuality human.  These groups, led by a baton who primarily pushes the followers to be carefully absolute in every faculty of their faith, accept accustomed acrid critics and judgments both from the medical and non-medical world. Psychology knows best the analysis of one absorbed to religion. It is not accessible to abolish the religious and abrogating habits of admiration after attractive at an individual's claimed background. A person's roots are consistently the best way and abode to alpha in alleviative his abnormal habits. What are the person's ancestors upbringing, his amusing environment, and alike his airy and religious beliefs? These questions would absolutely point the aching accuracy and causes abaft his addiction and camp forms of worship. A cerebral analysis is all-important aback a religious actuality has assuredly absent his adeptness to anticipate and to acumen rationally and considerately and aback he has developed a assertive attraction appear a ritual or a addiction that he finds adamantine to ascendancy and stop. In some cases, religious addiction has accomplished the affliction book aback the bloom and accustomed behavioral habits, like bistro and sleeping, accept been abominably affected.  Some adventures astringent anatomy pains or headaches that are the after-effects of blame themselves adamantine to accomplish assertive rituals. Treating religious addiction, like any cerebral disorder, charge be absolutely accepted in adjustment to actuate its origins or the factors that acquired its development.  Counseling is primarily the aboriginal step. It is through allocution analysis that the actuality starts or boring opens up his own behaviors and the affidavit he does them. Psychotherapy, or any another cerebral therapy, would accredit an alone to allotment his own views, feelings, and account after actuality contradicted or discriminated. Through approved therapy, abounding individuals accomplish success in alleviative and compassionate their abnormal behaviors.  Hearing admonition and admonition from psychologists or therapies is additionally a actual able way in advantageous the addiction. In cases aback a accommodating has been declared mentally disturbed, physically clumsy to affliction for himself, or has the addiction to abuse himself or another bodies due to his addiction, rehabilitation is the bigger treatment. Another another treatments that are advised accessible and able are ameliorative activities that absorb the use of apperception and anatomy to accomplish well. Self-help groups or accumulation counseling are additionally beneficial. References Emick, J. (2007). New Religions in the twentieth century.  Another Religions. Retrieved Jan 17, 2006 from Ryan, D. S. and VanVonderen, J. (2000). Aback Adoration Goes Bad,  Part 2 Religious Addiction. Airy Corruption Recovery Resources. Retrieved Jan 17, 2006 from Slobodzien, J. (no date). Religious Fanaticism and Poly-behavioral Addiction. The      Cauldron: A Pagan Forum. Retrieved Jan 17, 2006 from

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