Psychology Lab Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy screamed in abhorrent affliction and pleaded his chastity as he was dead by the electric chair. He was so angry that he approved to use one of his victims to try to stop the killing. This plan bootless and we all saw how angry he absolutely was. The government considers Ted Bundy a consecutive killer, rapist, kidnapper, and necrophilia. He assaulted and murdered abounding women and adolescent girls through the says. Some bodies accept Ted Bundy may accept started sooner. Ted Bundy spent about a decade crumbling that he dead people. After a continued aeon of time Ted accepted to thirty homicides. These thirty deaths advance over seven states in the United States. Since Bundy s afterlife the absolute cardinal of casualties has risen to thirty-five. Ted Bundy personality is believed to be afflicted by his activity as a child. Ted Bundy was aloft with the acceptance that his admirable parents were his parents. He was additionally told his mother was his earlier sister. Because of this Bundy was accepted as awkward or awe-inspiring about girls in school. He consistently said he had agitation architecture abiding relationships. As a adolescent he was actual absorbed in the abstraction of sex and violence. Because of his acceptable looks Bundy succeeded in college. He became bedeviled with a babe called Stephanie Brooks. Brooks did not feel the aforementioned way aback this resulted in her and Bundy breaking up. This afflicted Bundy greatly, he alone out of academy by the breach up. With bad all-overs and acrimony against women this is what collection him to madness. I accept this is what became the ammunition that fabricated Bundy kill. This activity of bounce is what Bundy never forgot. For the Essence archetypal I accept Ted Bundy fits the role of a Melancholic person. He was actual absolutely and for the best allotment actual unsociable. He was aloof best of the time. To add to this he additionally showed crazy affection swings and signs that he was actual anxious. What is crazy about Ted Bundy is that he fits in to of the categories in the Essence model. He additionally fits the class as a Phlegmatic person. Aback he was aggravating to get women. He was acquiescent and actual peaceful. He seemed like a calm and abundant guy. He would after become actual anxious with his planning in capturing women. He would additionally ascendancy them and dispense them to the end. Ted Bundy I accept featured two of the bristles personality traits. I accept he has Openness, Conscientiousness. Ted Bundy had artlessness because artlessness involves acuteness and assiduity to close animosity as able-bodied as bookish curiosity. Accept Ted Bundy was a actual bankrupt and to him self- person. On the cast ancillary he was actual accessible and caring actuality aback about women. He avalanche into the Conscientiousness class because he had a acceptable eye at actuality accurate and seemed like he consistently capital to do a assignment well. Ted Bundy consistently showed this affection throughout his absolute life. He begin a way to awning up assorted murders for continued periods of time. To do this you charge to be actual crazy but additionally actual cleaver. From accomplishing the classroom assignments afore this cardboard I accept Ted Bundy has Bipolar Disorder or bigger declared as Manic Depression. Ted Bundy could go from actual blessed and accessible to actual bankrupt and abdicate in seconds. Actuality able to do this so calmly and so generally accept he has Bipolar Disorder. To add to the Bipolar I additionally accept he was Manic Depressed. I accept account of his adolescent activity and how his adolescence happened I anticipate this is why he went bottomward this path. These disorders are what advance Ted Bundy from a applicant for a Governor position to one of the greatest killers in United States History. I accept assorted Situational influences afflicted Ted Bundy. Actuality aria to all of his adolescence abundantly afflicted him. His sister actuality after appear to be his mother Was additionally a above draft in Ted Bundy s life. What anticipate absolutely pushed him off the bend was his breach up with his adherent Stephanie Brooks. Brooks was the adulation of his life. Bundy was so bedeviled with her that he grossly abstract his own accomplishments. By 1968 she bankrupt up with him because she believed he was not acceptable bedmate material. This bankrupt Bunny's affection and this attraction collection his activity for years. If I could plan a analysis for Ted Bundy I would accept him bound up in a Psychiatric area for six months so we can beam and analyze him. After we analyze him we will accept a therapist allocution to him six times a anniversary to assignment on his accomplished problems. The problems we will be absorption on his you adolescence activity and the absoluteness that his mother is his earlier sister. Another abode of affair is the breach up of his aerial academy sweetheart Stephanie Brooks. These are the credibility would focus on so we can accouterment the absolute acumen why Ted Bundy became one of the greatest killers in the history of the United States. To advice adjust Ted Bundy he will be placed in a Half way abode for assorted years. The affairs with the therapist will abatement to bristles times a week. In Tee's additional time he will be autograph and answer why he thinks he dead assorted women. After this acknowledgment Ted will be accustomed affection stabilizers to assignment on his bipolar behavior. To add to the stabilizers he will additionally be accustomed assorted anti depressants to assignment on arrest his huge abasement problem. The allowance of Ted Bundy healing absolutely are abbreviate to none. I accept that his time in a abhorrent accompaniment of apperception will be to adamantine to fix with medication and assignment with a therapist. Do accept he will appearance signs of advance but he will backslide aback to his old mindset. I do accept that Ted Bundy can become a man who understands what he did was amiss and he needs to change. But I don't accept he will anytime become acceptable abundant to alive in the absolute apple amid accustomed people.

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