Psychology Discussion Reply

-REPLY TO STUDENT DISCUSSION W/C OVER 200 DENISHA, What is moral development? It is the action in which accouchement advance able attitudes and behaviors adjoin others in society. Lawrence Kohlberg proposed that moral development is a continual process that occurs throughout the lifespan, his approach outlines six stages of moral development within three altered levels.   According to the article, “Kohlberg's Approach of Moral Development”, it is declared that, “Kohlberg's approach played an important role in the development of moral psychology. While the approach has been awful influential, aspects of the approach accept been critiqued for several reasons: Moral acumen does not according moral behavior, Overemphasizes justice, Cultural bias, Age bias, Gender bias,”   Carol Gilligan was analytical of Kohlberg's approach because of his gender bias. Gilligan’s focused primarily on the moral development of adolescent women. She became Kohlberg’s analysis abettor in 1970 and over time she began to catechism his methodology. In the article, “Gilligan’s Theory of Feminine Morality”, it informs us that, “The participants in his studies were all advantaged white men and boys. Gilligan acquainted that this biased his approach adjoin women. Second, Kohlberg advantaged the application of alone rights and rules over the application of the accent of caring in animal relationships. Gilligan took this to represent the privileging of a macho angle over a changeable perspective,”  Gilligan became one of Kohlberg’s best abrupt critics. She argued that his approach makes assumptions that don’t respect women's experiences with prioritizing interpersonal relationships, acceptation Kohlberg’s approach estranges women from the action of moral development. Gilligan argued that actuality that women's moral judgements necessarily accommodate animosity of compassion and affinity for others. In the article, “Gilligan’s Approach of Feminine Morality”, it is declared that, “When faced with moral problems, males seek solutions that are aloof and fair; females seek solutions that are caring and benevolent. For males, moral anger is affiliated to the abuse of rights and justice; for females, moral anger is affiliated to a abortion to acquaint and to respond. For males, moral interactions booty abode primarily at the political and acknowledged level, in the branch of abstruse laws and amusing contracts; for females, moral interactions booty abode primarily at the akin of claimed relationships, in the ancestors and the amusing arrangement of the association in which they live,”  Reference:  Cherry, K. (2021). Levels of Developing Morality in Kohlberg's Theories. Verywell Mind.   Gilligan's Approach of Feminine Morality. Psychology. (2017, March 20). 

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