REPLY TO PEER DISCUSSION W/C OVER 200 ELIZABETH,             Hello everyone, we did it! Another advance bottomward appear our goal! I ambition annihilation but the best too you all during this adventure to accepting our degrees. This anniversary we affable into Kohlberg’s 6 stages of development which we abstruse are aggregate into three levels and anniversary akin has two stages aural (Galotti, 2017). The three levels are labeled as preconventional, conventional, and postconventional and they’re burst bottomward in affiliate 12 on folio 383 of our book (Galotti, 2017). This abstraction was conducted as mentioned with all macho participants (Galotti, 2017). Reading on we appear to Carol Gilligan who objected to Kohlberg’s exclusion of women and girls from his aboriginal sample (Galotti, 2017). Gilligan argued and believed that us women are acceptable to acumen about the moral issues, acceptation we anticipate of the adapted aisle of activity to go bottomward and it would depend on assorted appearance or aspects of a bearings (Galotti, 2017). Yes, I do accede with Gilligan’s acceptance that moral development differs in us females and males because I candidly accept it comes bottomward to added of how we’re aloft and brought up. In association and some cultures, we were aloft with gender roles which accredit to the expectations of able attitudes, behavior, and activities of males and females (Schaefer, 2019). Parents comedy an acutely analytical role in giving advice into those gender roles accounted adapted in society, forth with peers, siblings, media, educational and religious institutions (Schaefer, 2019). Most of us accept had addition in our activity that basically approved to acquaint us that girls are declared to alive activity blessed with a man and boys alive their lives blessed with a woman and we’re to chase assertive norms in activity to move along. I abstruse bound that not every babe has to abatement in adulation and ally a man to be blessed and carnality versa. In conclusion, the moral development in men and women I do accept alter a accomplished lot. Word calculation 326 References Galotti, K.M. (2017). Cognitive Development: Infancy Through Adolescence (2nd ed.) SAGE Schaefer, R.T (2019). Sociology: A abrupt addition (13th ed.). McGraw Hill

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