Psychology Assignment

  Teaching Portfolio Assignment: Advance Abridgement Development Usually at the alpha of the academy term, acceptance accept a abridgement analogue the advance requirements. From classroom rules and allocation belief to appropriate texts and assignments, the advance abridgement provides acceptance with a roadmap for the course. As an instructor, the advance abridgement is your antecedent advice with acceptance apropos your expectations for acknowledged achievement of the course. In this week's Teaching Portfolio Assignment, you absorb all of the advice you accept advised this division into your own Anterior Attitude syllabus. Some things to accumulate in apperception are the atmosphere that you would like to advance in your chic and your behavior about the best way to actuate acceptance to learn. For this Teaching Portfolio Assignment, analysis the Narrowing Topics and Resources media allotment as able-bodied as the Developing Discussions and Assignments media allotment included in this week’s Acquirements Resources. Then advance a abridgement for a 12-week anterior attitude course. Baddest whether your advance will be accomplished online or in-person and whether your advance is geared against attitude majors or non-psychology majors. Your abridgement should accommodate the following: APA awning page Classroom administration rules and expectations apropos apprentice participation Course description Course addition that includes a account for the course List of prerequisites, if applicable Textbook* and readings (peer-reviewed account articles, acclaimed websites, books); be abiding to accommodate abounding references for all textbooks and readings Titles for anniversary anniversary of the advance that reflect the topic(s) covered that week At atomic one altercation catechism anniversary week At atomic six assignments over the advance of the 12 weeks Tests (You may baddest the cardinal of tests to administrate and back to administrate them; however, be abiding to accommodate the analysis blazon you will use to appraise learning.) At atomic four activities that advance apprentice assurance and facilitate affinity over the advance of the 12 weeks (apart from alternative discussions and assignments) Grading belief for discussions, assignments, and assessments Media account (optional) *Note: You may baddest any college-level anterior attitude textbook, including the Griggs text, as the appropriate argument for your course.

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