Psychology and Personality Development

Part 1: What were the after-effects of your MBTI assessment? Do you accede with these results? Why or why not? In what means does the MBTI appraisal chronicle to Jung's approach of personality development? Part 2: Compare and adverse the MBTI personality account with abstract methods of psychoanalytic personality assessment, such as inkblot and chat affiliation tests. What are the advantages and disadvantages of anniversary of these types of assessment? What is the applied account of each, cold and abstract personality inventories, in your called career field? What is the accord amid acknowledgment and personality development? Explain how biological and ecology factors can appearance our cerebral processes. Give an archetype that illustrates how one's cerebral processes can appearance some aspect of personality. Explain how evolutionary, biological/genetic, and ecology (i. e. learning) factors can aftereffect in the development of an advancing personality. Provide specific examples, back appropriate. How do parents access a child's personality according to anniversary theory: evolutionary, biological/genetic, and behavioral? Give examples that allegorize how anniversary of these models relates to parenting and children's personality development. What is self-efficacy? How does self-efficacy chronicle to personality? What "nature" and "nurture" factors accord to one's self-efficacy? Provide specific examples, back appropriate. A arbitrary of the person's activity experiences. This area charge accommodate all accordant background, including ancestors history, cogent activity experiences, and important contributions that may accept afflicted or resulted from the individual's personality development. This area should be 1-2 pages in length. A altercation and appraisal of the means in which anniversary of the afterward models would explain the individual's personality development: Psychoanalytic and Neoanalytic theories Psychosocial theories Trait, Evolutionary, Genetic/Biological approaches Cognitive, Behavioral, and Social Acquirements theories Humanistic theories

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