Psychology 2 page paper: Moral Development Assignment

  Read the adaptation of the Kohlberg archetype listed beneath and acknowledge to the bind in writing.  “In Europe, a adult was dying because she was actual sick.  There was one biologic that the doctors said ability save her.  This anesthetic was apparent by a man active in the aforementioned town.  It amount him $200 to accomplish it, but he answerable $2,000 for aloof a little of it.  The ailing lady’s husband, Heinz, approved to borrow abundant money to buy the drug.  He went to anybody he knew to borrow the money.  He told the man who fabricated the biologic that his wife was dying and asked him to advertise the anesthetic cheaper or let him pay later.  But the man said, “No, I fabricated the biologic and I’m activity to accomplish money from it.”  So Heinz bankrupt into the abundance and blanket the drug.” 1. Did Heinz do the appropriate thing? Write at atomic four complete sentences in response. 2. Now appraise your acknowledgment and abode your acknowledgment on both Kohlberg’s and Giligan’s levels of chastity (the scales are beneath these questions for your review). Tell me which akin of chastity you would abatement beneath for Kohlberg's levels and for Giligan's levels, and altercate why you feel you would abatement beneath those levels (min. 2 sentences for each).   3. What do you see as the above differences amid Kohlberg and Gilligan’s stages of moral development?  Which do you see yourself acceptance to primarily? (min. 3 sentences) 4. Where did you get your claimed faculty of morality? (min. 4 sentences) 

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