Review the address videos and apprehend the arbiter to complete this assignment. Do not copy-paste annihilation from the arbiter or my PPT slides. Plagiarism will advance to 0% for the assignment, or in the worst-case scenario, "F" for the absolute course. The best convenance is paraphrasing.  1.  Define afterward pitfalls and pratfalls of accommodation authoritative in your words, and address one clear, relatable archetype for anniversary concept. a.  Making complete Decision b.  Good accommodation and abstract utility c.  Descriptive and accepted processes d.  Three types of heuristics (available, recognition, representative) e.  Failure to seek disconfirming evidence f.  Overconfidence g.  Wishful thinking h.  Reactance i.  Entrapment j.  Reciprocity k.  Liking l.  Exposure effect m.  Emotional states n.  Mindlessness o.  Unconscious and affecting influences p.  Cognitive dissonance  2.  Choose ONE BIG botheration of your activity that you accept been disturbing to accomplish the appropriate decision. For examples, big botheration would be: a.  choosing a alum program,  b.  finding a actual partner,  c.  choosing a constant career,    d.  buying a house  e.  moving out from parents' house  f.  planning to accept a child  g.  getting affiliated etc.  3.  Make a account of alternatives (options, at atomic 5) to your aboriginal problem.  4.  Make a account of all accessible considerations (at atomic 5) pertaining to the problem.  5.  Use the Table 01 (in abutting page) to appraise your alternatives. Accomplish abiding to accede every another in every consideration. Complete the adding for anniversary option. 6.  Based on the controlling Table 01, briefly call three strategies for artful your decision.  a.  Overall assessment  b.  Dimensional comparison  c.  2/3 ideal rule   

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