Instructions for Account of Earlier Adult Using the questions below, conduct an account with a being at atomic 65 years of age. Feel chargeless to add questions of your own whenever one occurs to you. The address of your account should accommodated the afterward criteria: 1. Typed and double-spaced if possible; if not possible, amuse address neatly in pen. 2. Include the questions in your address in a architecture that enables the clairvoyant to apperceive what the person you are interviewing is apropos to. 3. Altercate your claimed acknowledgment to the account in three paragraphs at the end of your report. ****************************************************************************** Questions for Account of an Earlier Adult 1. Amuse acquaint me about your childhood, ancestors and academy life. 2. Do you accede yourself old? At what ages (or stages) did you apprehension that you were accepting older? 3. What is the best important actual accident or aeon of time that you accept lived through? How did it access you personally? 4. What is the better change you accept apparent in how bodies conduct their accustomed lives? 5. What accept been the best years of your activity so far? What are your affairs for the future? 6. How are adolescent bodies today altered from back you were their age? 7. What admonition would you accord adolescent bodies to advice them adapt for their old age? 8. Accept you anytime accomplished any abrogating attitudes or bigotry because of your age? Please explain. 9. Student question. Based on what you've learned, ask at atomic one added question; what abroad would you like to apperceive about this person's life? ****************************************************************************** After you call the interview, altercate your acknowledgment (three paragraphs). 1. What did you learn? Did annihilation abruptness you? 2. How did you feel during the interview? 3. What changes (if any) accept occurred in your acumen of earlier adults? (What did you anticipate before? What do you anticipate now?

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