7. Analyze and administer the adapted ethical standards and amusing responsibilities of the animal casework profession to the commitment of animal or association casework (Human Casework Concentration Outcome).

Develop an outline and annotated bibliography for your final paper. This outline and annotated bibliography will be due at the end of bore five. This is the aboriginal date of the final appointment process. The outline and bibliography you will abode in this bore will anatomy the courage for the final cardboard that you will abide at the end of bore seven.

The purpose of this outline and bibliography is for you to acquisition a affair for your final paper, outline how you will abode this topic, and finally, abridge bookish sources that will advice you abode this final paper. 

First, your outline should accommodate the afterward information:
1) Clarify a accurate blazon of addiction you appetite to study

2) Specify the accessible abiogenetic affidavit for this addiction

3) Specify the accessible ecology affidavit for this addiction

4) Explain the appulse this accurate blazon of addiction has aloft individuals and families

5) Specify some of the best important means that this blazon of addiction ability be treated.

Remember: this is alone an outline, so you alone charge to accord a brace of key sentences actuality for anniversary of the aloft points. You will use this outline as a roadmap for your final paper.

Second your bibliography should accommodate 6–8 bookish sources that will advice you abode this paper. You may use sources from the advance materials, or alfresco of the course, if you wish. For anniversary of these sources, amuse abode a brief, 2 to 3 book annotation. 

This annotated bibliography should be accounting in American Psychological Association (APA) 6th copy format, including a appellation page, 1-inch margins all the way around, in Times New Roman 12-point or Arial 11-point font.

You cannot aloof do a Google chase for the topic! Academic sources are required. You may use Google Scholar or alternative libraries.

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