Due Date: Mar 21, 2018 23:59:59       Max Points: 100 Details: Part 1: Case Studies Pick four stages to allegorize aboriginal adolescence development. Pick two from Erickson’s Date Approach and two from Piaget’s approach of development. Create one case abstraction for anniversary of the called stages, which is a absolute of four case studies. Label anniversary case abstraction with the theorist/stages accordant to it. Each case abstraction should be a minimum of 250 words. For anniversary case study, accommodate how you as a therapist would plan to appointment with addition at the articular stage. Part 2: Summary Include a 250-500-word arbitrary that explains the similarities and differences amid Piaget’s and Erickson’s theories.  APA appearance is not required, but solid bookish autograph and a appellation folio is expected. This appointment uses a rubric. Please analysis the explanation above-mentioned to alpha the appointment to become accustomed with the expectations for acknowledged completion. You are not appropriate to abide this appointment to Turnitin. This appointment assesses the afterward programmatic competency: 3.4: Demonstrate compassionate of animal advance and development and how they appulse counseling efforts. This appointment meets the afterward CACREP Standard: 2.F.3.h. A accepted framework for compassionate differing abilities and strategies for differentiated interventions.

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