As acclaimed in your arbiter in Ch 08 ( Kuther, T. (2017). Lifespan development -1st edition), adolescent children's generally appoint in band-aid play. Sometimes during this play, accouchement abatement bottomward and accusation addition child, or accouchement get affronted with others and appoint in active aggression.  Consider the afterward scenario: Randy, Jeremy, Zane, and Joe generally accommodated at the esplanade on the weekend with their mothers.  The boys adulation to be pushed in the swings, ascend on the equipment, and comedy pirates on a big toy boat.  However, sometimes Jeremy tries to booty toys from the others, and generally  hits them back they don't appetite to share.  others.  Sometimes, Jeremey says he is a Power Ranger and is "powering up” and again bliss the alternative kids. Zane's mom thinks the mothers should get complex and advise the accouchement how to comedy nicely; however, Jeremy's mom says that this is what kids do. NO PLAGIARISM!!!!! For this paper, abode a abounding 2-page article with references. You accept to abode one or all of the afterward questions in the essay: 1.    Do you accede kids will assignment it out and parents should not get involved? If you do, again what is the role of parents in the amusing development of children? If you don't, how do parents animate acceptance to apprentice the abilities all-important to collaborate with others successfully. 2.    How should parents handle situations in which their parenting styles alter from their friends' and the kids comedy together? 3.     What are the strengths and weakness of parenting styles as it relates to adolescence amusing interaction, abnormally in conflict?

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