Psychological Profile The Monster Of Florence Criminology Essay

Between 1968 and 1985, in Florence Italy, eight couples were dead in agitated acts that included assorted gunshots, stabbings and changeable animal mutilation. The perpetrator of these abandoned crimes, dubbed ‘The Monster of Florence,’ has never been caught. Admitting the abandon of the crimes, the analgesic larboard no concrete affirmation at the abomination scenes to affix himself to them. However, he did leave the adequacy of a cerebral profile, the capacity of which are presented actuality application the bristles stages of bent profiling offered by Pinizzotto and Finkel (1990):  a abstraction of the bent act and the types of bodies who accept committed agnate offences; an assay of the abomination scene(s); an assay of the accomplishments and activities of the victim(s); a conception of the credible affective factors of the suspect; and, a description of the perpetrator based aloft the person’s credible cerebral make-up. Throughout this profile, The Monster of Florence will be referred to as either the ‘monster’ or the ‘perpetrator.’

The Bent Act: Who commits Consecutive Murders?

Most consecutive offenders are classified as organized or chaotic (Muller, 2000). While chaotic offenders are added adept in their approach, organized offenders are able and accurate planners (Muller, 2000). The Monster of Florence was acutely an organized consecutive killer, as his abomination scenes were anxiously called for their aloofness and abundant accomplishment was fabricated to leave no affirmation behind, with the barring of bullets. This suggests the perpetrator had a college than boilerplate IQ (Palermo, 2002).

Most consecutive killers accept had a abortive accomplished and are acceptable to accept been abnormally afflicted during adolescence. In particular, abounding consecutive killers accept afraid accessories to their parents/caretakers and accept ‘unusual relationships with their mothers’ (LaBrode, 2007). In this case, the perpetrators bright abhorrence of women could be apocalyptic of a artificial accord with his mother.

Serial killers additionally tend to accept low self-esteem, which appears to be the case with the Monster of Florence, who surprises his victims and shoots them point blank. This suggests he may not feel able to handle victims who are acquainted of his presence. Abridgement of self-esteem and aplomb is additionally reflected in the actuality that he is not able to handle demanding situations, such as escape attempts. In the Mainardi case, afterwards the macho victim approved to escape, the perpetrator alike absitively to abandon his august mutilations. Consecutive offenders generally subscribe to a actual specific ‘modus operandi’ or MO, which consists of a alternation of behaviours completed by the blackmailer to auspiciously perpetrate the abomination afterwards actuality bent (Hazelwood & Warren, 2004). In this case, the perpetrator took abundant efforts to ensure no affirmation would advance aback to him. Indeed, no fingerprints were anytime found.

Serial offenders generally amplify their MO over alternating crimes, with the change and complication of the MO generally actuality abased on an offender’s intelligence level, acquaintance and activity (Hazelwood & Warren, 2004). In this case, the murders became added gruesome, including boundless ache wounds, assuming of the anatomy postmortem, animal mutilation, and abatement of anatomy parts.

Case Linkage

There are a cardinal of factors aural assorted abomination scenes that aid in bond one case to alternative cases doubtable to be consecutive in nature. These factors accommodate the accompaniment of the abomination scene, the MO, august behaviours, and the criminal’s signature (Hazelwood & Warren, 2004).

The Abomination Arena (Appendix 1): The breadth a bent chooses and the accompaniment of the abomination arena can accept abundant acceptation back creating an offenders cerebral contour (Muller, 2000). For example, organized offenders accept locations afore the beheading of the abomination so that they can backpack out their signature processes afterwards abeyance (Keppel, 2000). In the Monster case, the perpetrator chose isolated, rural locations in which to backpack out his crimes. All locations except the Mainardi/Migliorini abomination arena were abroad from active anchorage that afforded privacy. Alike back the changeable victims were moved, the new locations were abutting to the aboriginal abomination arena – partially hidden, but not adamantine to find.

As adumbrated in the name, all of the abomination scenes were in and about Florence, advertence that the perpetrator lived or formed in the area, was acutely accustomed with the breadth and was able to carefully adviser these locations (Snook et al., 2005). Also, alternative than the bullets larboard at every abomination arena actuality akin to the aforementioned missing gun, the perpetrator larboard no alternative evidence. This could point to the perpetrator’s organized personality as able-bodied as accessible above-mentioned ability of badge procedures.

The Modus Operandi (MO): The MO in this case acquired as time progressed. Eight couples were murdered over the advance of seventeen years. The crimes were about consistently committed on Saturdays, in the black hours, and generally on blurred nights. This ability accept been the perpetrator’s accomplishment to abatement the affairs of actuality empiric or recognized. The weapons of best were a .22 ability gun and audible bend blade. The gun was acclimated to initially kill/disable the victims and the brand was acclimated mostly on the changeable victims. The aboriginal bifold annihilation (Locci/LoBianco) abandoned complex gunshots, but accelerating murders became added gruesome, including boundless ache wounds (Pettini/Gentilcore), assuming of the anatomy following (Nuccio/Foggi), animal anamorphosis (Pettini/Gentilcore; Nuccio/Foggi; Cambi/Baldi), and abatement of anatomy ballocks (Vicchi di Mugello; Kraveichuili/Mauriot).

An MO should not be captivated too durably by board as it can change hardly as the ambience of the abomination changes and the blackmailer adapts to alteration affairs (Hazelwood & Warren, 2004). For example, alien factors such as the dearth of victims or a active abomination breadth can change the MO. This was credible in the Cambi/Baldi annihilation in which changeable ballocks were removed, but the activity was so awkward that the belly bank was exposed. This could be attributed to a almost active abomination scene, as there were at atomic two couples that possibly witnessed the blackmailer fleeing.

Rituals and Signature: Rituals are audible from MOs in that they are allegorical and reflect the motives and fantasy abaft crimes (Hazelwood & Warren, 2004). In this case, the perpetrator accomplished and connected animal anamorphosis on changeable victims, starting with the Pettini/Gentilcore murders, unless alien factors prevented him from accomplishing so. For example, the Meyer/Sens murders were a case of mistaken character and, in the absence of a changeable victim, there was no animal mutilation. The assuming of the changeable victims’ following is additionally a cogent august aspect of these crimes, with best changeable victims (except in the case of Locci/LoBianco and Mainardi/Migliorini), actuality airish array and abroad from the macho victim. The access of time can additionally change the rituals of the abomination as the blackmailer refines his abilities and assets a added busy appearance of his motivations for the abomination (Hazelwood & Warren, 2004). For example, it wasn’t until the aftermost two crimes that the perpetrator started acid out the changeable victim’s breast.

The signature of an blackmailer comprises a different aggregate of behaviours and rituals that accomplish their crimes different and attributable to them accurately (Hazelwood & Warren, 2004). In this case, the perpetrator afraid couples in abandoned locations, usually those agreeable in adventurous encounters. The macho was bound disposed of with gunshots and while the changeable was additionally shot, they were again usually confused from the abomination scene, unless the abomination arena itself afforded aloofness (like the covering in the Kraveichvili/Mauriot murder). The changeable was consistently afar from the macho victim.

Victimology Report (Appendix 2)

The contour of the victims is basic to architecture a cerebral contour of a consecutive analgesic back such abyss generally baddest victims who accept characteristics that are somehow important to them (LaBrode, 2007). Victim advice such as age, amusing affairs and gender, can accord to the cerebral contour of the perpetrator (Palermo, 2002). In the Monster case, all the victims were couples demography allotment in adventurous liaisons. About all the couples were out abandoned in isolated, rural areas. All couples, with the barring of one, were heterosexual. All had reportedly spent their aftermost night at a discotheque. While the perpetrator’s victims were as adolescent as eighteen, age seemed to be of no accent back allotment his victims. All macho victims were attempt to death, consistent in a quick death. Accident factors that fabricated these victims accessible to the perpetrator were that they were romantically involved, alone, in an abandoned location, and they were advantageous little absorption to their surroundings.

Motivating Factors

Since consecutive killings are primarily motivated by cerebral factors, it can be difficult to accurately analyze alone affective factors until the perpetrator is captured. It is possible, however, to brainstorm on the activity based on the abomination arena information. In this case, the best of victim (i.e. couples) is acutely a acquainted choice. While the perpetrator dead both individuals, the macho was dead bound while the woman was burst and stabbed. This could announce a animal basic to the killings, in which case, the afterlife of both the macho and changeable is imminent, but the victim of best appears to be the changeable (Arndt et al., 2005). The mutilations and abstract additionally announce that the perpetrator ability be sexually butterfingers or ability accept acquaintance of actuality alone by women, appropriately his credible acrimony appear this gender.

The victims of crimes are generally a agent acclimated by abyss to accomplish their ’emotional goals’ (Woodworth & Potter, 1999). In this case, the couples may be allegorical of a charge the perpetrator feels clumsy to accomplish (i.e. to anatomy relationships). As ‘vehicles’ for affecting goals, victims were subjected to acute abandon and brutality, which ability accept been a agency of the perpetrator antibacterial what he could not accomplish – a relationship.

The perpetrator’s allocation of greater time spent on the changeable victim indicates his akin of acrimony or alike rage, directed at women. The abatement of ballocks added illustrates this rage. Conversely, the anamorphosis and abatement of the ballocks could announce that the perpetrator had not abandoned symbolically attacked the women’s delicacy but could additionally be aggravating to abort signs of any corruption (Arndt et al, 2005). Interestingly, the charcoal of the removed anatomy ballocks were never found, so it may be that the perpetrator took them as trophies.

After the Kraveichvili/Mauriot murders, spent bullets agnate to those begin at the abomination arena were begin abreast a hospital. This breadth adjacency might, therefore, announce that the perpetrator could be a medical professional. This is abnormally accordant in ablaze of the actuality that it appears both gloves and surgical accomplishment would accept been required, abnormally with the absence of fingerprint evidence, and the abatement of the anatomy parts

Offender Profile

“Deductive profiling” is a blazon of cerebral profiling based on the affirmation calm from the abomination scene, including the blazon of victim and the blazon of abomination committed (Strano, 2004). In accession to the abomination arena evidence, profilers additionally accede the assassination style, the activity abaft the crime, the accident cachet of the victim(s), the time taken to accomplish the crime, and how chancy the perpetration of the abomination was (Muller, 2000). Once this affirmation is examined, an blackmailer contour or ‘working hypothesis’ can be formed to advice attenuated bottomward the acreage of individuals who could accept committed the crimes (Strano, 2004).

In this case, the contour indicates that the perpetrator is macho and lives or works in Florence. The organized beheading of the crimes and abridgement of affirmation indicates that the perpetrator was awful intelligent. The perpetrator ability additionally be a loner, back aloof and celebratory alien locations requires time and abandon from others. The actuality that the perpetrator surprises his victims and shoots them at point bare ambit indicates a abridgement of self-esteem; he may not feel able to handle victims who are abundantly acquainted of his presence. Abridgement of self-esteem and aplomb is additionally reflected in the actuality that he is not able to handle demanding situations, such as a victim escape. Indeed, the cardinal of bullets acclimated by the analgesic to annihilate his victims was added than necessary, thereby eliminating the adventitious of an escape. Also, in the Mainardi case, afterwards the macho victim approved to escape, he was again shot. In this case the analgesic alike absitively to let go of his august anamorphosis in the crime, possibly advertence that the abreast escape had been too abundant for him.

Most consecutive crimes absolute a animal element, as in this case, are about ability over the victim (Keppel, 2000). Back the motives of consecutive killings tend to be specific to the killer, it is acceptable that the perpetrator has a history of abrogating adventures with females, possibly in agreement of bootless animal relations.


Although cerebral profiling is still in its infancy, primarily because the science abaft it lacks research, in aggregate with claimed aptitude it can be acclimated to accommodate added acumen into the apperception of the criminal. In the case of the Monster of Florence, admitting little concrete affirmation actuality larboard at the abomination scenes, the bright similarities beyond crimes provides abundant advice to advance a cerebral contour that ability advice board analyze the perpetrator.

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