1.  Come up with a analysis affair and accommodate your acumen for allotment such topic. (e.g., Clinical psychology) 2.  Choose a citizenry and a sample for your study. a.  (e.g., CSUSB students) (e.g., 100 acceptance from attitude department) 3.  Choose two account that you appetite to analysis (variables that you appetite to study).  a.  e.g., Mindfulness b.  e.g., Depression 4.  Provide a bright operationalized analogue of the variables.  a.  e.g., Mindfulness: advisedly advantageous absorption to thoughts and animosity with curiosity.  b.  e.g., Depression: assiduous anguish about activity due to abridgement of activity and interest 5.  How do you plan to quantify or admeasurement those variables? Develop at atomic 5 questions for anniversary capricious (total 10 questions) and accept a Likert calibration for anniversary question.  a.  e.g., I am acquainted about my surroundings. (Mindfulness) Likert scale: 1 = Not accurate at all - 7 = Always true.  b.  e.g., I like to collaborate with people. (Depression e.g., Likert scale: 1 = Not accurate at all - 7 = Always true.  6.  How do you accreditation that your altitude has able believability and validity? Accommodate a abrupt description of believability and validity.  7.  Which one is the absolute capricious and the abased variable? How do you analyze these two types of variables?  8.  Formulate a clear, testable hypothesis.  a.  "People with college akin of amenity are beneath acceptable to acquaintance depressive symptoms."  9.  What abroad can affect the aftereffect of your prediction? Discuss briefly what are some abashing variables and accessible biases.  10.  Is your abstraction correlational or causational? What makes a abstraction correlational or causational? Accommodate a abrupt account for anniversary type.  a.  If your abstraction architecture is correlational study, how do you actuate if it absolute or abrogating correlation?  b.  If your abstraction architecture is causational, what are some qualities that is appropriate to accomplish a causational (true experiment) study? 

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