Psy5101 week 8 Assignment: Prepare an Academic Reflection and Psychology Interest Paper

Instructions Signature Assignment In this final Signature Assignment, you will reflect aloft your claimed advance as a new alum apprentice in Psychology. This week, your appointment will abide of two genitalia that can be submitted as one document: You will reflect aloft the acknowledgment your adviser has provided as able-bodied as analysis your claimed advance and career interests as a new alum student. This appointment will adviser you in your all-embracing bookish candor and adapt you for your appointment in courses in the program. It may additionally advice adviser you to advance specific interests aural the acreage of attitude and access your approaching apogee focus. Part 1 For the aboriginal allocation of your Signature Assignment, you will reflect on your advance as a alum apprentice in psychology. This is a self-assessment reflection, and may be based on your appointment and acknowledgment in this course. Assess your compassionate of advance concepts by absorption on the afterward areas: Your eyes and able aspirations. The capability of your claimed time management. Your akin of advice literacy/research skills. Your adeptness to accomplish logical, actuating arguments about advance and conduct concepts and ideas. In alternative words, focus on your adeptness to administer analytical cerebration skills. Your bendability and abundance in applying able APA formatting. Your adeptness to use able communications. The akin and bendability of your professionalism. What are three of your best admired strengths as a alum apprentice that will advice you to accomplish in your program? Altercate the affirmation that you accept to announce that you acquire these strengths. What are the three best important areas you charge to strengthen as a alum student? Altercate the affirmation that you accept to announce that you charge to strengthen these three areas. What challenges will you face deepening these areas? Accede your claimed ambience and affairs and how you anticipate they will advance over the abutting 2 years. What strategies can you use to affected these challenges? You may appetite to accede basic a abutment group, adjusting your affairs as abundant as you are able, developing a schedule, and so on. Reviewing anniversary action will advice you to analyze the strategies that will be the best admired to you. Length: 7-10 pages Part 2 For the added allocation of this final assignment, you will brainstorm what you ability do for your apogee project. While this is still a bit ahead, this appointment will access fast and accepting a acceptable abstraction of breadth you are headed with your apprenticeship will be benign as you move through this program. For this allocation of the assignment, you will address a cardboard on a affair of absorption to you in psychology. In this paper, you may advance the assets that were in antecedent assignments for this course. You will additionally charge to accommodate 10 added assets for the paper, bristles of which should be from peer-reviewed journals. These added assets may accommodate added assets you begin for alternative assignments in this course. In this paper, you should: Use references to altercate the theories you are best absorbed in. Altercate account and areas you would like to abstraction further. Accommodate basic affairs on how you will go about developing your absorption breadth and actuate which challenges you may accept with this work. Provide a bibliography of at atomic 10 assets accompanying to your areas of interest. Length: 3-5 pages You will abridge both genitalia into one document, which you will again abide to your adviser for review.

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