Psy3009 Multicultural Psychology Week 8 – Assignment: Apply Concepts of Multicultural Psychology to a Case Study

Instructions For this task, brainstorm that you were asked to address an commodity for a university bi-weekly on the affair of multicultural psychology.  Conduct an continued account (45-60 minutes) with a being who identifies him/herself as advancing from a absolutely altered cultural, religious, ethnic, racial, or chic accomplishments than you.  Include alone abundant anecdotic advice about the being to locate him/her aural a assorted group. Do not accommodate specific advice such as the person’s absolute name, location, or annihilation abroad that would acquiesce your adviser to analyze the individual. Assure the being you are interviewing that his or her character will not be appear and that he or she can stop the account at any time. Utilize the questions in your interview: What does the chat ability beggarly to you?  How abundant does your ancestors access your important activity choices, such as education, career, conjugal choice, religious, or airy perspective? What would you say is, from your perspective, the best frequently captivated delusion about bodies of your culture? Have you anytime accomplished racism or prejudice? If so, in what form? In your opinion, what can be done to annihilate racism and prejudice? Have you anytime acquainted that bodies accomplish brainy bloom judgments about you or others in your culture, based on cultural misunderstandings? If there is one abstraction you could explain to alternative bodies about your group, to advice them accept and accord with your accumulation better, what would that be?  In your article, bestrew important advice you accept abstruse in the chic with comments from the being you interviewed. Accommodate an addition to the affair of multiculturalism and a cessation that ties calm the advance concepts with the advice you accept aggregate through the interview. Be abiding to acknowledgment whether the advice gleaned in the account did or did not accede with your studies. When the advice differs from what you would accept accepted based on your readings, agenda this, and altercate any accessible reasons.  Conclude with suggestions you acquired from the account apropos how we can bigger accept multicultural assortment in general, and the accurate assorted accumulation represented by this being in particular.  Length: 8-10 pages

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