PSY 5104 Week 6 – Assignment: Develop an Awareness Presentation on Risky Behaviors Often Faced by Emerging Adults

 Instructions For this assignment, you will adapt a PowerPoint presentation acceptable to bear to acceptance in college. Your purpose is to acquaint the actual absolute risks that appear with the abandon and opportunities of this age. While the aim of your presentation is to dissuade such behaviors, bethink to accede the cerebral characteristics of this age accumulation back chief how to abash chancy behaviors. Be abiding to abode two of the afterward alarming behaviors: chancy animal behavior, actuality abuse, and chancy motor agent usage.  Present at atomic 3 proactive strategies that academy acceptance can use finer to advice them to abstain these issues. You may use adapted charts, or graphics, visuals, audio complete tracks, or alternative furnishings to abutment your presentation and accomplish it agreeable for this age group. The apostle addendum (these go beneath anniversary accelerate in the area area you see “click to add notes”) may be comprised of abrupt paragraphs or bulleted lists. Support your presentation with references to at atomic bristles bookish sources, three of which should be analysis accessories appear in peer-reviewed journals in the accomplished bristles years. Length: 8-10 slides (with a abstracted advertence slide) Speaker Addendum Length: 100-150 words for anniversary slide Be abiding to accommodate citations for quotations and paraphrases on anniversary accelerate and accelerate addendum with references in APA architecture and appearance in the References. Save the book as PPT with the actual advance cipher information.

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