Prior to commutual this discussion, apprehend the appropriate abstracts from the Shaffer (2011) text, as able-bodied as the Berzonsky (2004), Fiese (2013), and Burkitt (2010) articles. Review : Mila Singer Activity Adventure document. Choose one aspect of Mila’s activity to alter. This aspect can be an event, a claimed characteristic, an ecology factor, or an aspect of the timeline. In your antecedent post, analyze the aboriginal activity adventure aspect you intend to change and explain how you intend to change it. Use Erikson’s psychosocial stages of development to explain Mila’s date of development at the time this change takes abode and abode how the change affects Mila’s cerebral development into adulthood. After anecdotic the antecedent change and anecdotic it, actualize a account of three added outcomes in Mila’s development beyond the lifespan that will acceptable be afflicted by this change. For each, analyze the accepted aftereffect in Mila’s activity adventure and adduce a account for alteration this outcome. Apply either Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems approach or Vygotsky’s sociocultural approach to Mila’s activity to actualize a antecedent as to how and why these outcomes would acceptable acclimatize due to the changes you accept made.  Briefly abridge your claimed reaction(s) to authoritative the antecedent change and how it adapted the consecutive outcomes. Explain how differences in activity contest actualize differences in animal development.

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