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  Part 1: This is a adventitious for you to accomplish the affiliation amid your behavior and absolute neuron advance in your brain. The abstraction is that the activities you accept to be complex with today, actualize the being you will be in the future.  And so for this topic, call the being you appetite to become in bristles years time. What new things will you apprentice that will activate an avant-garde and assorted neural arrangement in yourself? Be abiding to altercate the challenges you ability appointment forth the way and what you will charge to do to affected them. Here are some examples of what to address about: a. Your career choice, and what abilities and apprenticeship it requires. b. How you will be a affiliate of your community, as an alive actor or leader. c. What best of home ability you will aces for your own family. d. Which benign active activities such as diet, exercise, or brainwork will you choose? e, What new amusement would you pursue? Is it alone or team-related? f. Or any alternative archetype of how you will accept developed over those the abutting bristles years. Part 2: This affair involves a affectionate of fast-forwarding in the development of the mind. There is analysis activity on today that aims to actualize computer chips for adjustment in the animal apperception to advice with assorted functions. The chips are advised to acquaint us or advice us accomplish decisions. For example, a dent could be built-in to analyze diseases in the body, account our claret pressure, acquaint us back our diet isn't accouterment acceptable vitamins, or alike acquaint us back we charge sleep. Alternative possibilities are numerous. The questions for this Discussion affair are, which of these functions, if any, would you like a brain-chip for:  beyond anamnesis accumulator while you are in school...  a dent that helps you with creativity...  a dent that helps you ascendancy your emotions... a dent to advice you accept what is best for you, and how to accept that path.  Then altercate why you are accommodating to accord up allotment of your animal attributes in favor of a new, possibly bigger agenda nature.  Can you co-exist with a mini-computer in your brain? just 150 words

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