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  “John  Conger, the Pentagon's agent beneath secretary of aegis for  installations and environment, said in a statement. "We are actively  integrating altitude considerations above the abounding spectrum of our  activities to ensure a accessible and airy force."’ (Davenport, 2014).  The US aegis association has recognized, that to break ahead, they charge  begin to absorb blooming activity assets into their operational  functions. This is because oil and atramentous assets are growing bound  but additionally because the furnishings of greenhouse gases, and consistent altitude  change, has adverse furnishings on the actual dilemmas the US aegis  communities are answerable with handling. This includes how altitude change  has added accustomed disasters and the cardinal of refugees beat from  unlivable areas. The US aegis association has additionally been affected to  address altitude change and seek answers to lower abidingness on fuels  like oil because a annex on oil assets absolutely leaves the  military accessible to the ability and the countries that aftermath it  (Closson, 2013). Additionally, the Secretary of Aegis has back 2009  released affairs to transform the way ammunition is acclimated in war (Closson, 2013)  and the DoD has appear a Altitude Change Adaption Roadmap that will  access, abstraction and coact on the association of altitude change and  ways to administer it (US Department of Defense, 2014). Government led, the US aggressive can accept a cogent appulse on how  the accomplished of the US uses energy. The aggressive defective to acquisition activity  solutions for aegis affidavit (a assurance on oil is a vulnerability  (Closson, 2013)) increases the alacrity and charge for solutions and therefor  will acceptable be one of the aboriginal groupings aural the US to actuate  manageable activity alternatives and practices. The accent of the  military will be the acumen that they advance the way in advertent and  implementing renewable activity assets which will again be acclimatized by  the blow of the US as a whole. Closson, S. (2013, October). The aggressive and energy: Moving the United States above oil (Links to an alien site.) (Links to an alien site.). Energy Policy, 61, pp. 306–316. Davenport, C. (2014, May 14). Climate change accounted growing aegis blackmail by aggressive researchers (Links to an alien site.) (Links to an alien site.). The New York Times. US Department of Defense. (2014, June). FY2014 altitude change adjustment roadmap [PDF, File Size 1.58MB]. Washington, DC: US Department of Defense, pp. 1–13.

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