Provide a critical self reflection of the process of completing assignment 1

 The indicators of a acceptable absorption are:  It is claimed to you  It is bright how the acquirements relates to your role or prepares for a approaching role  It outlines the agreeable and adjustment of the acquirements action  It describes how your knowledge, abilities and attributes accept developed as a  result of the acquirements activity.  It identifies any added gaps or acquirements you did not awning and how you adeptness  fill these.  It describes how your accepted convenance adeptness change as a aftereffect You can access your Self Reflective autograph as per the four stages below: 1. What did I apprehend to learn? 2. What did I learn? 3. What will I do abnormally activity forwards? 4. My accomplishments and abutting accomplish    A able Assignment Critical Absorption Requires acclamation to the afterward  issues: High claimed effectiveness:  - Critical self-awareness,  - Self-reflection and self-management; - Time management;  - Sensitivity to assortment in bodies and altered situations and  - The adeptness to abide to apprentice through absorption on convenance and experience 

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