Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below.

  Overall, accept your angle on activity industry changed, remained the same, or remained the aforementioned but with a broader understanding? -  I would say my angle accept changes through the advance of this all-embracing  program with such an accent on renewable platforms it absolutely opened my  eyes to the achievability of accurate change in the activity sector. With anniversary  class i accept absolutely abstruse added and added about the accent of  renewable activity and the charge to apparatus it faster than it is now.    Which appointment or altercation offered the best amount and why? -  The DIY appraisal of our homes absolutely provided a acceptable abject of  information and what to advance in my own home. It's one affair to accept  an compassionate of activity and how to conserve it but implementing that  knowledge is essential. If anniversary of us did our allotment in attention of  energy it would be a huge pay off.    Did the appointment or altercation change or affirm your angle on activity industry? Please describe. -It  confirmed my angle but additionally accepted what the attempt absolutely is. I  believe its accepting bodies out of there abundance zones and cerebration  outside the acceptable box on how we get our energy.    Based on your views, what is the distinct best important affair that we  could do to advice accomplish activity and ecology sustainability and  why? - I my assessment is apprenticeship and advice exchange. I anticipate  the boilerplate citizen believes that solar power, wind power, etc is  something alone for the aristocratic or bodies with cogent income. That  isn't the case with the abounding programs that abide to aid residential  homes in authoritative these upgrades. abominably our accepted administering  doesn't booty banal in all-around abating and abounding programs will end at the  end of this agenda year. This will asphyxiate a lot of the renewable  energy area and alone set the goals aback abundant further. 

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