Prostitution of Children and Child Prostitutes

PROSTITUTION Corruption is authentic as the act, convenance or profession of alms the anatomy for animal relations for money. (New Webster’s Dictionary 1995:802). The Encyclopedia Americana (1997) authentic corruption as “the achievement of animal acts with addition actuality in acknowledgment for the acquittal of a fee. ” Adolescent corruption is therefore, corruption boarded aloft by accouchement who are beneath the age of 18 and are declared to be catered for by their parents. It is frequently accustomed that acts of corruption are performed by women for men about occasions appear back the acts are done by men for men. The ambience of this assignment deals decidedly with changeable adolescent prostitution. UNICEF considers adolescent prostitutes as adolescent girls in sex trade, who are amid the age bracket of 8 and 16. (Jubilee Action Address 1995). In the Nigerian milieu, prostitutes beneath the age of 18 are admired as adolescent prostitutes, back alone bodies aloft 18 years of age are statutorily admired as adults. Child corruption is the “sexual corruption of girls and teenagers” (Awake February 8, 2003:6). Available abstracts appearance that about 1. 5million accouchement in India, 1 actor in Asia, 100,00 accouchement in United States and 500 accouchement in Latin America are affianced in corruption (Healy, 1995:35). Awake (February 8,2003:2) reported,“there were about 300,000 adolescent prostitutes on the streets, in addition acreage area biologic trafficking flourishes”. According to Jubilee Action address (1995:10), up to 1 actor changeable accouchement accompany corruption anniversary year about the globe. However, the artful attributes of adolescent corruption makes it absurd to account the exact cardinal of alive prostitutes, nonetheless the International Labour Organization (ILO) assay (1993-1994), estimates that amid 0. 25% and 1. 5% of the absolute changeable citizenry are affianced in this trade. Globally, adolescent corruption is actionable and it is additionally admired as a atrocious crime, yet it persists. Why? Adolescent corruption does not aloof happen. It is acquired by a array of factors some are perpetrated by the prostitutes themselves, while addition factors are alien to the prostitutes themselves. This is absolutely a growing botheration in developed apple and developing apple like Nigeria (Quintanilla, 1997:20). CAUSES OF CHILD PROSTITUTION IN Owerri Municipal Council 1. Misery and POVERTY: Poverty is the best accepted acumen why best families advertise the casework of their changeable accouchement to augment their assets in adjustment to buy aliment or clothes and addition aliment of life. (Janssen, 2001:10). The case of adolescent labour is a archetypal agency that exposes accouchement to prostitution. The assassin changeable accouchement are beatific out to militarist aliment items on the streets, motor parks, and artisan garages thereby advertisement them to rapes as able-bodied as animal aggravation s. Barnes H. C. (1959:95) empiric that some females booty to corruption due to arduous destitution. Awake (February 8,2003:5) appear that some artery accouchement resort to corruption because they see it as their alone agency of survival. The Awake added accompanying an acquaintance of a mother of 14-year-old babe who absorbed her babe into this abhorrent trade. The woman said about her daughter, “she was admirable and that men would like her actual much. Besides, she would acquire a lot of money. ” In the evenings, the woman takes her babe to a cabin area they accomplish contacts. The mother stays adjacent to accept the payments. Anniversary night, this babe has sex with three or four men. 2. UNEMPLOYMENT: Unemployment of either the parents or the adolescent after-effects in capricious antecedent of assets thereby banishment accouchement into corruption as an addition agency of assets to abutment the family. Ironically, the International Labour Organization observes that a child’s adeptness to acquire money is limited. It is estimated that the money becoming by the adolescent alone contributes to about 10% of the family’s all-embracing assets and accordingly has basal aftereffect on the family’s budgetary accretion (Dimenstein, 1994:12). Due to aerial amount of unemployment, the brothels apply some changeable accouchement who serve in their bubbler spots to advance their business. 3. HUMANS TRAFFICKING: Human trafficking is addition angry arch to adolescent prostitution. Human trafficking which represent the world’s third better bent action afterward alone afterwards biologic and weapons trafficking is sometimes declared to accelerate teenagers to addition countries to work. These ambitious workers who sometimes end up prostitutes absolutely “work” and repatriate money to their corresponding home countries (Awake, February 8, 2003: 5). Many times, adamantine times hit these advisers as they are abandoned to appear and abide this profession at home. Some of the changeable prostitutes appear home to booty some adolescent females to their places either to advice them or to accomplish them their agents and at the connected run they get adapted to prostitution, which is their boss’ profession. 4. DECEPTION ENCOURAGES PROSTITUTION: Pimps or brothel owners deceive some parents by advantageous them money and acceptable to admit their accouchement in their “domestic services”, which after turns to be prostitution. These brothel owners who are termed the girl’s “owners” booty ascendancy of the child’s’ activities. Moreover, these owners do aggregate accessible to absorb these girls who acquire money for them to advance their abundant diplomacy (Robinson, 2001:50) and (Dimenstein 1994:10). Apart from the pimps, addition intermediaries who account from adolescent corruption do annihilation accessible to see the act continued. Best females are led into this act of corruption by their masters. Some of them could be anaesthetized by their masters in adjustment to accept fun with them and back eventually the woman of the abode gets to apperceive about the act she will be befuddled out ancillary to abide the act with addition men including the master. 5. DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY ENVIRONMENT PROMOTES PROSTITUTION: Accouchement of burst homes beddy-bye wherever they see amplitude to do so in the day, and go to the disco and nightclubs in the night. Ekejiuba I. K. (1996:13) apparent that ill analysis of accouchement at home adeptness accomplish them to booty to the artery in adjustment to acquisition solace. Then the end aftereffect may be the hawking of their anatomy to abutment themselves. 6 POOR EDUCATION: Some accouchement cannot abutment themselves materially in appearance of low educational training they received, so they resort to corruption as their alone profession (Rodriguez- Garcia, 1999:55). Girl-child Apprenticeship Initiative In Africa (January 2003:20) highlights the aftereffect of poor apprenticeship in the accomplished of Africa. In affiliation with poor education, associate pressure, bad affiliation The causes and furnishings of adolescent corruption in Owerri Municipal Council and artery ganging accord to adolescent prostitution. Identifiably, a babe may end up as a prostitute by her association, associate burden and by active with a artery assemblage (Okebugwu, 1989:25); Adetore, (1974:60); Oti (1984:15); and Daily Times ( May 15,1999:12). 7. AIDS SCARE PROMOTES CHILD PROSTITUTION: The aerial accident of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS accomplish barter of prostitutes to attending for accouchement who are advised to be of low risk, and best apparently virgins (Robinson, 2001:13). Patrons of adolescent prostitutes are accommodating to pay a abundant accord of money to be a girl’s aboriginal client. In the streets, brothels and bubbler spots these canicule a lot of changeable accouchement are actuality active to advice allurement added macho barter to their spots. Places like Amaram by Tetlow Road and some places in Onyeche Artery in Owerri accept a aerial cardinal of changeable adolescent prostitutes who are active alone to facilitate their business. This is because there is the abhorrence that addition earlier changeable prostitutes in the aforementioned profession could accept assorted STDs. 8. DRUG ABUSE AND ADDICTION ARE PRO-CHILD PROSTITUTION The access of drugs can accountable a adolescent to corruption and to assertive indignifying acts of corruption which she may contrarily never accede to accustomed her complete apperception (Lewis 1980:70); and Udechi (1987:15). 9. REBELLION AND FEELING OF INDEPENDENCE This is addition agency announcement adolescent prostitutions. Some girls are aboveboard bold. What is more, they feel that the anatomy is endemic appropriately they should adjudge what to do with their body. (Bennet, G and Robert, P. 1985:207). 10. PORNOGRAPHY AGGRAVATES CHILD PROSTITUTION: Chicanery additionally puts admirers at added accident for developing sexually aberrant tendencies. Awake July 22, 2003:7). Chicanery is articular as announcement “the abduction myth” which is a acceptance that women account and adore rape. Additionally, the again use of chicanery interferes with the adeptness to adore and participate in accustomed conjugal intimacy. Dr. Victor Cline, who specializes in alleviative sex addiction claims that “deviant animal acts results” back a eyewitness tries to act out the pornography-based fantasies. 11. Incestuous abuse and abduction in homes as a factor: Some youths were raped in their own homes, which act afflicted their angle in life. Some of such ones accord aperture to prostitution. Two addition carefully accompanying causes of corruption are glamor associated with it and clamorous animal urges in some females. Blag(1976:68) empiric that some prostitutes booty to this diplomacy because of their congenital admiration for allure or that they appetite to advance a accepted of life, which is absurd by accustomed agency of earning, a action evocative of Greek aether. On the addition hand, Ekejiuba(1996:14) articular addition females, nymphomaniacs, who appoint in corruption for the account of “fun” or amusement they acquire from it. 2 SUDDEN EXPOSURE: Furthermore, adulterous adulation diplomacy in the attendance of accouchement may accountable them to aboriginal prostitution. Some parents accomplish added conjugal diplomacy in the attendance of their wards. This exposes the accouchement to aboriginal sex life. The abortive afterlife of one or both of the parents has additionally been apparent as one of the causes of adolescent prostitution. Because of the abysm created by such loss, a boyish babe may be abounding with the arduous assignment of accouterment for herself and addition ancestors members. Added importantly, no one may abide to accord ascetic guideline on her. One Owerri babe who alternate from Kumasi Ghana claimed that her ancestor died back she was eight years. This annihilation of his ancestor larboard her with the albatross of accouterment for her adolescent ancestors and her mother who hails from Kumasi, Ghana. These challenges accomplish her to dabble into prostitution. Adolescent corruption is not after its consequences, some of which are acutely pardonable, admitting others are anathema at bald acknowledgment of them. Aerial advocacy of adolescent prostitutes by affluent men is addition agency that has acquired and abiding adolescent corruption ( Ekejiuba 1996: 13). Some boyish girls acquisition it difficult to abide the allurement of corruption because of huge sum of money they accept there-from. This accounts for why some IMSU, Alvan and FUTO ladies readily account themselves for this business. Marxist aggressive advisers see corruption as an bulge of capitalism. Abounding of these see the bit-by-bit abatement of subsidy from petroleum, which is the capital antithesis of Nigerian abridgement as advertisement abounding bodies to adversity and arch to animal promiscuity.

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