Pros and Cons of Computer Assisted Technology

The accelerated changes in technology abnormally affect organizations and leave them with no best but to accept the new technology the use of computer - assisted advice technology and computer-assisted decision-aiding technology has its advantages and disadvantages to the organizations that accept them. For any alignment to accept use of any technology usually ample amounts of basic accept to be laid bottomward as computer - assisted advice technology and computer-assisted decision-aiding technology is actual expensive. The alignment has to buy the software and hardware, apply able cadre to operate. Adopting this technology additionally affects the anatomy of the alignment as it after-effects to the shrinking of the employees. This is a pro to the employer as it saves on the money that could accept been acclimated to pay the abounding advisers who are replaced by one computed machine. It may be beheld as a con to the association as it reduces job opportunities apprehension best bodies abandoned (Huber, 1990). This technology has additionally resulted to automation abnormally in accomplishment organizations. This is time extenuative and helps the alignment to abound mainly in agreement of output. Decision-aiding techniques such as accommodation abutment systems and advance bedding accept fabricated it accessible for organizations' arrangement to action added finer and be added reliable than the use of humans, appropriately added efficiency. There accept been letters of accidents affiliated to this technology acquired by errors or attempts to accomplish arduous objectives which aftereffect to accident of important information, businesses and alike activity (Roberts, 1993). The technology is fast as organizations are able to admission and barter advice at a faster rate. It additionally is added reliable abnormally if a attention is taken to lay bottomward a arrangement to accord with any accident that may appear up due to errors or accidents. This technology can be beheld as Utopian. This is because it aims at authoritative activity simpler and easier for bodies (More ; Logan, 1989). One can additionally appearance in from the aloof point of view; this is because the technology has both advantages and disadvantages as discussed above. The use of computer - assisted advice has both absolute and abrogating impacts in communication. In teaching for example, use of the technology can be beheld abrogating back the agents let the technology become the babysitter to the acceptance rather than application it as a apparatus of teaching. The absolute appulse in teaching is that amalgam the technology with the teacher's abilities has produced acceptable after-effects with the students. The abecedary should not balloon their accent in the success of the lesson. Use of accoutrement such as the internet has fabricated it accessible to acquaint cheaply ample volumes of advice to abounding bodies all over the apple as continued as they are affiliated aural a actual abbreviate time. Businesses are additionally able to ability several bodies at already by announcement their articles on the internet. However, the internet is perceived to accept some the abrogating appulse of advice perceived to be abandoned or not acceptable for some groups of bodies to be anesthetized on freely, for archetype chicanery on the internet. The technology has admittance fabricated advice faster, safer and added efficient. Communication does alter in altered cultures and industries. This is because as abundant as the technology usually is borrowed, individuals tend to use it but stick to rules and adviser curve laid that accept been laid bottomward to adviser them. References Huber. G. P. (1982), “Organization Change and Development”. Annual Review of Psychology. 28: 138 – 155. Moore. T & Gorge M. Lorgan (1989), “Utopia”. Cambridge University Press. Roberts. K. H. (1993), “New challenges to Understanding organizations”. New York Macmillan.

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