Proposal writing Assignment

The two best important issues in any proposal, therefore, are admirers and purpose. You should analyze the admirers charge first: who is activity to apprehend and appraise the proposal? What are their assumptions and expectations? If you are autograph in acknowledgment to an RFP, it is easier to analyze their goals and expectations by account the RFP carefully. Next, accede what do you appetite to accomplish with this proposal? What is the best way to accomplish it? Proposals additionally abatement into two ample categories in agreement of their nature: business (or sales) proposals and alms proposals. Smart use of articulate appeals (ethos, pathos, logos), adapted design, and absolute accent are a charge in any acceptable proposal. Businesses and organizations charge to address and amend their affairs as they admeasure and/or accent assets for assorted activities to accommodated their goals. DUE 20 HOURS -Major Components of a Proposal: -Cover Page -Executive Summary -Purpose (why you are autograph the proposal) -Current Situation/Problem -Specific Objectives -Solutions and Deliverables overview (describing the items and casework that will be provided) -Timeline -Budget Assignment Description: For this assignment, you will address an outline on either a business angle or a admission angle for a beggared alms of your choosing.  1 pages of argument (about 400 words). single-spaced, accepted chantry (Times New Roman, 12 point font-size);

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