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Proposal To: Dr. Rod Zink From: Shivani Priyam SUBJECT: Advocacy Address “Topic” Revised Draft: Wednesday April 17, 2013 The purpose of this angle is to abridge my advocacy report. Through this proposal, I will explain my abstract bearings in which I achieve a advocacy to the Assotech Limited’s Planning and Allocation aggregation as to which blazon of adept plan is best ill-fitted for their accessible project. Through the advance of this angle I will explain Assotech Limited’s position in the Real Estate bazaar in India. I will additionally analyze two adept affairs back that will be analytical in authoritative a able advisory advocacy to the organization. Finally, at the end of my angle I will outline my acting agenda and breakdown the costs that I apprehend to acquire while putting calm my advocacy report. Introduction As Civilian Architect I accept been assassin by Assotech Bound to baddest the best adept plan for a acreage breadth of 12. 062 acres, which comprises of High Acceleration Building of 2 BHK, 3BHK, 3 BHK + Servant allowance + Abstraction & 4 BHK + Servant allowance + Abstraction apartments as per the bazaar requirements accouterment to buyers of all segments of the society. Some annual of villas has additionally been alien to booty the advantage of huge appeal for this. I accept been assassin to advice the aggregation accept amid 2 accessible adept affairs for the development. I will analyze the two alternatives and acclaim the best accessible another for the aggregation and the approaching residents. The aggregation wants a adept plan that takes into annual the acute conditions, sun and wind movement and incorporates these factors in our designs. I accept to advance the best another that will be the best efficient, the best bulk able advantage and additionally the best reliable over time for the homeowners and additionally aerate the use of accustomed elements in our buildings. Description of Case abstraction The armpit is strategically amid at Sector 99; in the accessible New Gurgaon Breadth (India), which is in abutting adjacency to the anew congenital Terminal-3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, . The cartography of the armpit is majorly collapsed with accessory akin differences. The applicant needs a adept plan that will anatomy Low acceleration development on the Southern ancillary and aerial accession development on the Northern ancillary for best appliance of accustomed resources. Gurgaon avalanche in the Composite Acute Area of India accepting all types of acute characteristics from hot & dry, warm, boiling as able-bodied as algid conditions. A acute abstracts glance over the accomplished two decades appearance that hottest months are from May till June and the coldest months are from December till January, accustomed Annual Rainfall actuality 553mm. The Boilerplate Annual Wind Administration is North West to South East. The apprehension in this area on an boilerplate are ablaze but accretion force in summers and monsoons. The armpit is amid south East to the adept plan. The wind administration actuality North West to South East will accompany antiseptic air-conditioned breeze into the site. Animal abundance is a action of four primary variables; air temperature, air movement, humidity, and the beggarly beaming temperature of autogenous surfaces. Accustomed blast is an activity able way to admission animal abundance because air movement increases calefaction alteration from the apparent back acknowledgment alfresco air replaces balmy and boiling calm air. Natural ventilation, clashing fan-forced ventilation, uses the accustomed armament of wind and airiness to bear beginning air into buildings. To aerate Accustomed Blast in barrio we need: * Set Architectonics acclimatization to accept prevailing breezes * Cooling of breezes by abundant concealment * Introduction of baptize bodies forth the wind aisle to ascendancy temperature. * Architectural accessories such as wind chimneys, atria, courtyards, windows, and applicable blinds to abet accustomed air flow. The Two Plans: The two types of adept affairs that Assotech bound are demography beneath application incorporates all the above factors such as the climatology, wind, solar aisle and solar accretion but alter in agreement of the bulk of activity and bulk it can save which is area my job begins. The aboriginal plan is alleged the Advantage 1 and the additional plan is alleged Advantage 2. Before a accommodation on the two affairs can be made, Ambiance approval affidavit needs to be acquired and the two affairs needs to be activated aloft three above factors: 1. Strategically Oriented barrio to advance accommodation temperatures through wind and sunlight. 2. Accustomed ventilation, clashing fan –forced ventilation, should use the accustomed armament of wind and airiness to bear beginning air into buildings. 3. Should use temperature affable abstracts for optimal accommodation insulation. Allusive abstraction of the two plans: The allusive abstraction actuality shows the absolute activity and bulk accumulation fro the two options. It presents a actual desperate adverse amid the two options with commendations to AC cooling, Heating systems and Day lighting in the areas. This table highlights the activity accumulation with account to the three capital factors and additionally acutely states which advantage is the best able one. Booty archetype of one bedchamber of 150 -170 Sq. ft. Boilerplate active of 175 canicule in a year | Option1| Option2| A C (summers)| | | Connected load| 1. 5 tr| 1. 5 tr| operational load| 1. 3 tr| 1. 5 tr| absolute activity saving/ day| 2. 0 KW| NIL| Heating (winters)| | | Connected load| 2. 0 KW| 2. 0 KW| operational load| 1. 7 KW| 2. 0 KW| absolute activity saving/ day| 7. 0 KW| NIL| Day lighting| | | Connected load| 100 W| 100W| operational load| 65 W| 65 W| otal activity saving/ day| 70 W| NIL| Extenuative due to advantage 1 = 6581. 625 INR or 121. 47 US Dollar| In AC cooling systems, it shows a aberration of 0. 2 tr. amid the two options apropos operational load. It additionally shows the absolute activity accumulation if we go with Option1- Adept Plan Green. In heating systems, it shows a aberration of 0. 3 tr. in agreement of operational loading, appropriately accidental majorly to appear absolute activity accumulation with advantage 1. In Day lighting, although there isn’t any loading aberration but advantage 1 contributes 70 W account activity saving, as compared to advantage 2 which contributes NIL. In conclusion, as it is axiomatic from the allusive table, advantage 1 is a added efficient, bulk able and the best reliable advantage for our consumers. Advantage 1- Adept Plan Blooming The absorption on the armpit is such that to aerate the angle from the Expressway. The blocks on the North and North West get the account of angle of the Adept Plan Green. The bureaucracy of heights on the armpit respects the Vaastu Principles with lower belfry on the North East and accretion heights appear South West. The geometry of the armpit has additionally been considered. The entrances of the armpit are at North East and South West with advertence to Vaastu requirements. The axial area of the Clubhouse gives an accessible admission from all genitalia of the site. The Club additionally has a absolute admission to abstain bottleneck on any allotment of the site. All the barrio on the armpit face Axial Blooming Courtyards. The armpit is disconnected into two huge blooming courts abounding into anniversary alternative through a axial lawn. Advantage 2- Adept Plan White This advantage gets the account of the Accustomed Assets that is Wind and Sun. The Wind Movement has been taken affliction of by agreement the architectonics blocks strategically to get the advantage of accustomed blast in best cardinal of apartments. The borderline alley gives a absolute admission to all the blocks with their abstracted bead offs. The adjustment of Villas on the Southern bend of the armpit and Taller barrio on the Northern bend allows Sun assimilation in best cardinal of apartments. Accommodation Criteria: In advantage 2 there is a beeline belfry in the axial court, this makes a bankrupt courtyard comparing with Advantage 1. After carefully celebratory the adumbration diagram of both the options I assured that advantage 1 has beneath adumbration building falling on anniversary alternative and accept accessible cloister backyard (from club side) appropriately accepting bigger cantankerous blast for all the building and its units. The minimum bulk of caliginosity helps us in winters and reduces the claim of heating bulk in all-embracing bulk accommodation as able-bodied as operational time back compared with advantage 2. Same is case for cantankerous ventilation. Advantage 1 reduces the heat, makes the calm spaces acknowledgment as compared to advantage 2 appropriately abbreviation the bulk on the air conditioning. Prospective Audience: My primary admirers would be the Manager of the Planning and Allocation team, who will apprehend the address and recommendations and adjudge what he/she believes, will assignment best for his/her situation. The accessory admirers will be the owners and administration of the architectonics company. They will be authoritative the final accommodation for the aggregation and adjudge if the advocacy that I accord to them will be best for their bearings and whether or not they will be application those adept plans. They will additionally assay to ensure that the recommended academy affairs meets all of the requirements that they accept accustomed to me as their engineer. Another admirers for the address would be the State Ambiance Impact Assessment Authority who is in allegation of the absolute ambiance accompanying factors will accept to accept of the plan to achieve abiding it will accommodated all of the adjustment in the areas. Assignment Agenda For Implementation Of The Plan: The assignment agenda will activate as anon as the final angle is handed in and will accomplishment the day that the address is due. Task| April 1st– 8th | 9th-22nd| April 23rd- May 5th | 6th -12th | 13th– 19th | May 20th -June 3rd | Research systems| | | | | | | Form abstraction on bigger system| | | | | | | Initial Address abstract body| | | | | | | Report advanced and end amount draft| | | | | | | Review and edit| | | | | | | Accomplishment address and book and binding| | | | | | | Bulk of Publication for the plan: The costs for the two options I am because in my advocacy address are charted below: Option| Cost| Advantage 1 Air Conditioning unitsHeating UnitsVentilation strategiesSunlight congenital belfry structure| $6. 48 /- per sq. ft. | Advantage 2 Air Conditioning unitsHeating UnitsVentilation strategiesSunlight congenital belfry anatomy | $10. 78 /- per sq. ft. | I accept absitively to go with advantage 1. Absolute accumulation due to advantage 2 is 121. 47 US Dollar. Schedule for the advocacy report: I feel as I cross through this activity I would charge to plan and breach focused to achieve all tasks in a appropriate address and appropriately my artist for this advocacy address would be: Task| Week 11| Week 12| Week 13| Week 14| Week 15| Week 16| 1| Proposal| | | | | 2| | | Initial Draft| | | 3| | | | | Complete| | 4| | | | | | Final| Qualifications: This activity avalanche beneath my accepted assignment accompanying responsibilities. As a civilian architect in Assotech Limited, I accept a abundance of assets and ability accessible to conduct a astute assay for the two adept plan alternatives. I additionally absolutely accept the pros and cons of the two options, which would advice me to see the aftereffect of anniversary on the aggregation and how it would aftereffect in accomplishing the capital aim of the project. Since, I am able to advance the assets I accept accessible through Assotech Ltd. my bulk for this activity will actual minimal. Bulk of appropriate abstracts I accept these could be the accessible costs while creating the final product. The costs would accommodate the bulk of blush printing, and the braid binding. Appropriately the breach bottomward of the bulk is listed below: Items| Cost| Blush printing| $0. 49| Paper| $0. 0| Braid Binding| $ 3. 50| Absolute | $3. 99| ------------------------------------------------- Permission to Continue: After account the angle I am allurement for permission to backpack assimilate the advocacy address for the assignment of award a acceptable adept plan in affiliation to acute altitude and activity acceptance for Assotech bound for their activity in Gurgaon, India. Citation requirements: 1. Assotech Limited. . 2012. Assotech Blith [Internet]. Noida (UP): Assotech Moonshine Urban Developers Pvt Ltd; [2012 January, cited 2013 February]. Accessible from: http://assotechlimited. om/our-projects/featured-project-assotech-blith. html The website is the official website of Assotech Ltd. I am application this website as one of my sources for the advocacy address back this folio would advice me acquisition advice on the aggregation and advice me with my assay and findings. I accept acclimated this website for accepting the abstracts for the allusive study, the bulk of publishing and the assignment agenda for the plan to be implemented. 2. 2009. Gurgaon (UP): Sustainable Habitats- Teri Initiative [cited 2013]. Accessible from: http://www. sustainable-buildings. org/files/composite_SolarEnergy. df As we know, ample quantities of activity are captivated in accouterment lighting, ventilation, and thermal abundance in the buildings. Application able planning and architectonics the architects accept fabricated it accessible to abate the diffusion of activity and lighting. Thus, this website helped me with all the cartography and altitude accompanying advice appropriate for my allusive study. Secondly, this website provided me with the advice I bare to abject my allusive options which were AC cooling, heating arrangement and day lighting. Thirdly, it additionally gave me advice about the area of the construction. 3. A R COP. 007. Planning and allocation [Internet]. 2007. Arcop Associates Pvt. Ltd, cited 2013] Accessible from: http://www. arcop. co. in/planningandurbandesign. htm ------------------------------------------------- This website helped me with my adept plan options and bulk accompanying questions. I acclimated this website to access the visuals I bare for my report. It provided me with all the capacity forth with the visuals for the adept plan blooming as able-bodied as the adept plan white. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Vaastu- “ancient article about science of architectonics and architecture. ”

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