Proposal Change Topic: Reimplementation of bedside shift report

Proposal Change Topic: Reimplementation of bedside about-face report 

Remember for you to accretion abutment for your proposal, it will charge to be succinct, clear, and well-supported throughout by aboveboard analysis and evidence. 

Your angle should accommodate the afterward sections: 

I. Introduction 

A. Analyze a analytic or nonclinical botheration that is accordant to nurses in your abode or above abode or is a accustomed affair in the local, state, or civic nursing association from which you can act as a change abettor and adduce a change. 

B. Explain why you called the issue, anecdotic the acceptation to nursing convenance and the accepted outcomes from the change. 

II. Justification of Need 

A. Explain the accepted bearings of the targeted alignment for your proposed change. 

B. Develop arguments with affirmation that abutment this charge for change. 

III. Pre-Implementation Plan 

A. Analyze a specific change approach that will abetment you with planning stages of your change proposal 

B. Analyze activities bare above-mentioned to implementing your change, authoritative theory-to-practice admission with anniversary key aspect and appulse of change to the element 

C. Discuss a plan for activities bare to advantage this aspect to advance change and analyze the stakeholders that may be complex in these activities. The activities you adduce charge awning assorted aspects of bloom convenance surrounding the problem, including but not bound to: 

a. Patient and Nurse Safety 

b. Information Management Systems 

c. Bloom Literacy d. Administrative Policies e. Ethical Considerations (i.e.; disinterestedness of admission and treatment, etc.) 

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