Project work

  For this project, you will baddest three areas of interest. An breadth of absorption is an breadth such as climate, retail, agronomics etc.   For anniversary breadth of interest select at atomic 3 accessories accompanying to this breadth of absorption breadth the authors accept proposed a archetypal application DEEP learning. Read and abridge the three accessories for anniversary breadth in detail.  Your acquiescence will be a set of slides.   So the activity acquiescence outline will be  1) Introduction (explain at a aerial akin the plan of the report) 2) arbitrary of three accessories in the aboriginal breadth - at atomic a 5-10  accelerate arbitrary of EACH the three accessories separately. for anniversary arbitrary awning in adequate detail - what's the problem, how does the commodity adduce to use abysmal acquirements to abode the problem, why is abysmal acquirements the appropriate way to break this problem; and any alternative assorted comments. and accommodate the references. Use abstracts to accommodate a bigger explanation..  3) arbitrary of three accessories for additional area 4) arbitrary of three accessories for the third area  No accord or appropriation is acceptable. I will use the Turnitin boldness abode too. So ensure your account on this does not beat 10% overlap.  So abide pdf files (no zip files etc) only

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