Project Supply Chain/Procurement Management

Complete Exercise questions 1 through 4 begin at the end of Chapter 13, CPM 4e. You charge baddest a activity that is accessible online or in book from a account antecedent aural 6 months above-mentioned to the due date for this assignment.  Provide an alive articulation or an angel of the antecedent (including date) as affirmation and abode it as an addendum to your responses to the exercise questions. Use a question-response architecture for this assignment. Provide in-text commendation of all references. Use APA autograph style. Turn-it-In will be acclimated to awning this appointment for authenticity.  Point allocation will be as follows: Source of activity provided and aural 6 months above-mentioned to the due date for the appointment - PASS/FAIL awning for the assignment. Question 1 -  20 credibility (ensure that you advance a complete account of as abounding abeyant apprenticed items as possible) Question 2 -  20 credibility (ensure that you appropriately adduce the advertence acclimated to baseline or arrangement your RFI). Question 3 -  20 credibility (ensure that your account are tailored to the project) Question 4 -  20 credibility (ensure that you explain why the called arrangement is acclimated AND why others were rejected) Mechanics (20 points)  It is accepted that this appointment has accomplished mechanics (presentation, grammar and spelling) and exhibits the affection of assignment able of a accumulation of alum acceptance and alive professionals.  All sections of the certificate submitted charge be clear at 100% magnification.  Include any assets acclimated in an APA formatted advertence section.

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