Project: Renewable energy best practice and implementation of national action plans in the 27 EU Member States

Identify and summarise the requirements of the project

 In 2010 the European Union requested anniversary Affiliate State to accomplish and abide their Civic Renewable Activity Activity Plan (NREAP) by 30th June 2010. This civic plan should chase the Renewable Activity Source Directive 2009/28/EC objectives of 20 % renewable activity accession to the Europe all-embracing activity burning and 10% renewable activity accession in the carriage for anniversary Affiliate State by 2020 ( Build Up n.d.; EREC 2012). In accession civic regulations and legislatives bare to be activated to accede with the RES Directive accoutrement and be constant with NREAPs to alter the Directive. 

 The aim of this activity was to appraise and analyse the submitted NREAPs and their capability and bendability with civic regulations barter the Directive (Ecologic 2015). This activity adapted the contactors to appraise the civic regulations of anniversary Affiliate State through acquiescence appraisal (European agency 2010). This appraisal complex the acknowledged appraisal of the civic aldermanic measures’ affection and its accord and appliance to the objectives of the RES Directive (European agency 2010). Additionally the capability and the achievability of accomplishing the ambition in 2020 through afterward these regulations were to get advised for this appraisal (European agency 2010). The alternative aloft claim of this activity was that the architect charge accommodate the adaptation of those civic aldermanic measures which were barter the RES Directive in English (European agency 2010). This adapted the architect to be absolutely competent in the altered languages of Affiliate States (European agency 2010). 

Identify and call key primary and accessory stakeholders of the project

 The activity and operation of a activity impacts primary stakeholders anon while accessory stakeholders whom could be entities, groups or individuals are afflicted alongside (PMI 2013; Stiftung 2010). This appulse can be absolute or abrogating (PMI 2013; Stiftung 2010). In this activity the European Commission, 27 EU Affiliate states, architect aggregation such as Eco Logic, banking institution, people, accessible sector, accomplishment & auto industries, lawyers, electricity companies, ,mining and oil industries, are the primary stakeholders as they anon account from this activity as able-bodied as accept access on it. (European Agency 2010; Stiftung 2010). However, the association of these countries, translators, media, tourism industry and subcontractors are all accessory stakeholders (European agency 2010; Stiftung 2010).

Based on the stakeholders articular above, assemble a stakeholder matrix. Additionally absolve why stakeholders are placed in assertive quadrant.

 Stakeholder cast is a cast that represents the position of stakeholders in affiliation to their absorption and access in the activity (Greiman 2012). The cast is disconnected in four quadrants and anniversary division describes the absorption with account to access of anniversary area to addition area (Greiman 2012).

 In stakeholder cast (fig 1), as apparent beneath quadrant-A represents the stakeholders with aerial access and absorption in the project. European Agency has a aerial absorption and access on this activity as they took admission of this activity to accomplish their ambition of 20 % renewable activity accession to the Europe all-embracing activity burning and 10% renewable activity accession in the carriage for anniversary Affiliate State by 2020 (Build Up n.d.; EREC 2012). Additionally EU Agency has directed anniversary affiliate states to apparatus these changes afterward the RES Directive (Build Up n.d.; EREC 2012).

Industries are the capital customer of non-renewable activity sources such as coal, deposit fuel, accustomed gases. The non-renewable activity sources are primary and aloft sources for industries because every activity adapted activity and calefaction and after the chat of actinic activity into automated activity through fuels and atramentous it is not possible. 

In Europe, Auto and accomplishment area accept a arresting appulse on environment. The accomplishing of renewable activity makes a college akin of absorption and access over alternative sectors. On the alternative hand, mining and oil industries and electricity companies additionally absorb aerial bulk of non-renewable activity sources. The use of renewable activity sources creates absolute appulse on industries because they don’t accept to pay money for deposit ammunition and gases. On the alternative hand, the renewable activity sources are cleaner anatomy of activity sources so they don’t accept adverse aftereffect on the environment.

In the Quadrant-B of stakeholder matrix, bodies are not absorbed in that affectionate of issues but eventually bodies are added afflicted by its aftereffect because added and added use of renewable activity sources cannot accident the ambiance so bodies cannot afflicted by its abrogating impact.

In stakeholder cast as apparent beneath quadrant-C, Accessible sectors booty added absorption about renewable activity convenance but they cannot access the activity back they do not accept added ascendancy to run the project.

                      Low                     Interest         High

     High B A




Fig 1: Stakeholder matrix 

In division D, abounding sectors are not afflicted and absorbed by this activity because they are not anon affiliated by this project. The sectors like tourism, attorneys and bounded association are not anon anxious with this renewable activity project.

Evaluate and baddest the best adapted activity procurement/delivery arrangement for the project.

Project procurement/ delivery: - In activity procurement, the accomplishing of renewable activity is disconnected by country by country.  The aboriginal appearance of the accretion is planning phase.

Planning phase: In planning phase, EU agency disconnected every country by its accustomed accessible assets and analogously admeasure the activity to anniversary country. The anniversary Affiliate State provided civic renewable activity activity plan in which, anniversary affiliate nation has accustomed the plan for accomplishing of renewable energy. Anniversary affiliate country has disconnected into best adapted categories in which country has acceptable befalling to accomplish for example, solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy, geothermal energy. 

C:\Users\F15319\Desktop\Project Management\Untitled.jpg

Fig 2: Average anniversary advance for renewable activity for EU 27 (Beurskens & Hekkenberg 2011).

The activity advance of altered renewable activity sources is accustomed in aloft table. The altered renewable activity sources accept all-embracing 4.4% anniversary advance during the year of 2005 to 2010 but during abutting bristles years the absolute advance is 4.6% and it is accepted to be 5.7% during 2015-2020. The approaching plan of EU agency is to ability all-embracing 5.7% anniversary advance till the year of 2020.

Conduct Procurement:  In this project, anniversary affiliate states of European agency is requested to accommodate their NREAP (National renewable activity activity plan) by 30 June 2010. NREAP appear the accessible abstracts from alone countries in three forms such as, Abstracts report, a set of abstracts and a database (Beurskens & Hekkenberg 2011). After the borderline of activity plan on 31 July 2010, the abstracts of 14 associates accept been appear and bristles added associates accept been abutting at the time of absolution the aboriginal adaptation of document. Based on the aboriginal adaptation of the document, address present into two categories primary abstracts and accessory data. Primary abstracts calm anon from NREAP abstracts and it is accessible in graphical and cardinal form. On the alternative hand, accessory abstracts booty primary abstracts as input. Accessory abstracts helps to clairvoyant to accommodate added advice about primary data. The NREAP calm all the advice about assorted types of renewable activity sources such as, Hydropower, Geothermal energy, Solar energy, Tidal beachcomber and ocean energy, Wind power, Biomass electricity, Solar thermal energy.

The NREAP appoint the banned for every country to aftermath agreed bulk of renewable activity sources for instance, Austria charge aftermath 34% of its final activity burning by the year of 2020. The NREAP additionally set the ambition amid 2010-2015 for all countries (European agency 2010; Stiftung 2010). The civic renewable activity activity plan for Czech Republic declared that 13% of final activity burning charge be produced by renewable activity sources by the year of 2020. Czech Republic can use photovoltaic cell, hydro, wind activity and biomass mostly. While in Germany, EU agency planned to abate the aftereffect of greenhouse gases by 20% at the end of the 2020.

Close accretion and commitment system: In this procurement, the antecedent belief which absitively at the starting of the activity should be accomplished or not because the success of the activity is depends on the result. 

C:\Users\F15319\Desktop\Project Management\Download Media Go.jpg

Fig 3: Renewable activity shares

As apparent in aloft figure, the allotment uses of renewable activity sources by anniversary EU Affiliate State. In the year of 2005, the allotment uses of renewable activity sources were absolutely low and European agency has absitively to accomplish analysis at approved breach about every bristles years so they can bout absolute amount and agreed numbers. The added desperate changes in acceptance of renewable sources in European associates in United Kingdom, Malta, Luxemburg, Belgium and Cyprus because they will aftermath 9-10 times added renewable activity sources at the end of 2020. Malta was not broadcast on renewable activity sources in 2005 while in 2015 it is generated 4.5% of renewable activity sources and 10% by the end of 2020. On the alternative hand, Sweden uses about bisected of the activity by renewable activity sources which is accomplished in Europe and Finland, Latvia, Austria, Portugal and Germany are additionally aftermath aloft allotment of activity by renewable activity sources.

In the commitment system, the allocation of assets and assignment were based on alone country’s accustomed sources so that they could utilise sources added finer and efficiently.     


1- Beurskens, L & Hekkenberg, M 2011, Renewable Activity Projections as Published in the Civic Renewable Activity Activity Plans of the European Affiliate States Covering all 27 EU Affiliate States, beheld 5 May 2015,

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