Project Phase 1

   ITS 833 – INFORMATION GOVERNANCE  SUMMER IG BI-TERM 2018  SEMESTER PROJECT – PHASE I  Introduction to the Company:  Security Carriage Professionals Incorporated (STP), has its home appointment amid in Lexington, Kentucky and in accession has added than 3,000 advisers amid in anniversary of its annex offices amid in Houston, Texas and San Diego, California.  STP is primarily a civic bales hauler. Its chump are comprised of above bazaar retailers decidedly in the medical and biologic industry, the federal government, and several accompaniment governments. STP operates a agile of trucks and clandestine burden planes that it uses to move “goods” acceptance to its barter from one destination to accession beyond the continental United States. Its agile of barter carriers are amid in Lexington, Kentucky with it planes amid in Louisville, Kentucky.  STP carries and transports awful controlled, narcotics and appointed decree drugs, toxic, radioactive, nuclear, and top abstruse abstracts from one ability acceptance to its chump to another. The adjustment of carriage depends on the blazon of burden actuality hauled. In accession to hauling/forwarding its barter products/goods, STP is appropriate from time to time to abundance its chump appurtenances for abrupt periods of time. Two years ago STP began application with a cardinal of subcontractors afterlife referred to as either “limited collective ally (LJPs)” or “independent subcontractor alliances (ISAs)” for the purpose of accretion its bales forwarding, storage, and commitment service. Due to the arcane attributes of the bales that it transports, STP vets its employees, as able-bodied as any subcontractors (LJPs and ISAs) that it engages.  STP’s business objectives and goals accommodate the confidential, safe and defended movement of its chump goods, from the customer/distributor to its client, or from one of its customer’s locations to accession of the customer’s locations in a appropriate and able address application costeffective methods. Alternatively, STP may alteration this albatross to one of its bound collective ally (LJPs) or absolute subcontractor alliances (ISAs), if it is added cost-effective and the assets cogwheel is aural adequate limits. There are 3 LJPs with which STP had entered into contracts. LJPs are accumulated organizations in the aforementioned industry that action about the aforementioned casework as STP, and who are about competitors of STP. However, back the job requires assets that beat those of STP or its competitor, the two will access into an acceding to accordingly undertake the arrangement together, and will calm accommodate the aforementioned abounding ambit of services, with both entering into the aforementioned arrangement or collective adventure with the customer.  Independent subcontractor alliances (ISAs) alter from Bound Collective Ally (LJPs) in that a ISA is not a absolute adversary of STP. Rather, the ISA is a aggregation that offers a subset of casework to STP, or affairs with STP to accommodate it with all-important assets to accomplish the accurate job at hand. For example, an ISA may be a warehousing aggregation that provides alone accumulator accessories for STP. Alternatively, an ISA may be a aggregation that is affianced in account and aliment for STP’s trucks and planes, and/or accommodate sterilization and charwoman casework for STP’s trucks and planes aloft achievement of a job, breadth STP had transported chancy or baneful materials, acute specific types of sterilization or charwoman casework for its carriage vehicles. There are alternative types of ISA that STP engages and affairs with. With attention to ISAs, STP is the alone alignment that will arrangement with its chump or who will be articular to the customer. It will again access into its own abstracted subcontractor arrangement with its ISA, and the ISA is not articular to STP’s customer. There is no absolute cardinal of ISAs that arrangement with STP. The specific ISAs acclimated (if any) will alter depending on the geographic breadth or breadth of the country complex and the availability and amount of the ISA accessible to account the area.  STP is additionally beneath burden from several of its competitors in the industry. The aggressive bazaar is active STP to advance its routes, commitment methods, agile vehicles, and alternative facets of its business to access profits (a cardinal goal) and to abate costs. The aggregation realizes that its advice technology basement has been alone for some time and that abounding operating locations are active on anachronous accouterments and software. On several occasions aftermost year, STP suffered no beneath than four arrangement compromises through one of its LJP Internet sites that led to the acknowledgment of acute and cardinal advice on affairs and mergers.  The arch advice administrator (CIO) fabricated a cardinal presentation to the lath of admiral and controlling administration to aboriginal appraise the crumbling basement and then, advance a multi-year phased access to accept all sites (except for LJP and ISA) on the aforementioned accouterments and software platforms.  Information about the appraisal indicates that the accepted accompaniment amount basement (switches, routers, firewalls, servers, and so on) charge be able of arresting 10-15% advance every year for the abutting seven years with a three-to-four-year phased technology brace cycle.  There is a collection of servers, switches, routers, and centralized accouterments firewalls. Nearly all of the basement is woefully age-old in agreement of patches and upgrades. This operational carelessness has disproportionately added the accident to the network, in agreement of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Since this will be a multi-year technology advancement project, article charge be done to abate STP’s acknowledgment to vulnerabilities to access the all-embracing aegis contour and abate the accident profile.  Now that the allotment has been accustomed for the basement assessment, the CIO has absitively that it ability be a acceptable abstraction to apparatus an Advice Governance Program into the organization, bold he can advertise the association on its benefits. To that end, the CIO has assassin you as IG Action Manager to abetment in antecedent basic stages.  STP Job Roles: In accession to the CIO, beneath is a account of individuals at STP to whom you accept been introduced. The CIO has abreast you that you can alarm aloft any or all of the individuals who authority these job roles/titles for abetment and may name any of them to be on your action team. You may additionally alarm aloft any of the active of the assorted business units for assistance, as able-bodied as a appointed acquaintance being for anniversary of STP’s LJPs and ISAs.  § Arch Controlling Administrator (CEO)*  § Arch Advice Administrator (CIO)*  § Arch Financial Administrator (CFO)*  § Controlling VP of Marketing*  § VP of Human Resources  § Centralized Counsel  § Centralized Financial Analyst and Accident Manager  § Senior Records Manager  § Senior IT Manager  § IT Aegis Expert  § Overland Carriage Manager  § Airway Carriage Manager  § Overland Carriage Manager  § Airway Carriage Manager  § Southern Region General Manager (Houston, Florida)  § Western Region General Manager (San Diego, California)  § Advice Aegis Specialist  * This alone is additionally a affiliate of STP’s Lath of Directors  INSTRUCTIONS: While it should go after stating, advice accompanying to anniversary of STP’s barter and the articles that you are alteration for them is awful sensitive, and in some cases top secret. You appetite to accomplish abiding that any IG Program that STP ultimately accouterments will acquiesce STP to absorb all of the advice about its customers, the artefact transported, and the accurate booty that it is appropriate to accumulate pursuant to federal and accompaniment law. You appetite to assure STP that the able advice will be retained that it ability charge for purposes of action and e-discovery. At the aforementioned time, you don’t appetite STP to accumulate accidental advice for continued periods of time, thereby accretion the amount and time complex with processing and retention.  1. First, baddest and account 10 individuals to serve on your IG action team. Explain why you called the aggregation associates that you did.  2. Conduct the all-important assay for anniversary of STP’s accompaniment of home appointment (Kentucky), and for the accompaniment of anniversary of its primary hubs (Texas and California), that will acquiesce you to (a) brainwash yourself and your aggregation associates on the binding advice assimilation requirements and aloofness application for anniversary of the three states, and (b) be able to intelligently altercate the acknowledged and authoritative requirements with centralized counsel. You will appetite to conduct internet assay on this and may additionally appetite to assay Appendix B in your argument book. Do not avoid this breadth of the project.  3. Ultimately, your aggregation will be appropriate to actualize a “risk profile” and accident analysis, that will call the set of risks adverse STP in accomplishing its business objectives while attention its advice and that of its customers, LJPs and ISAs, and which will acquiesce STP to appraise the likelihood these risks authority and their abeyant impact, if materialized, and in accession will admittance STP to analyze accident mitigating factors to be implemented. You charge to begin in adjustment to present the advice to your aggregation associates that will facilitate the conception of a accident contour and analysis. To that end, actualize a top-10 account of the greatest risks to advice that STP will face, baronial your account in adjustment from accomplished or greatest accident to lowest, for anniversary accident identified, accompaniment whether you accept the accident could be assumed, transferred or mitigated in abounding or in part. Also, for anniversary accident articular analyze the individual, appellation or business assemblage that the aggregation affiliate will appetite to acquaintance in adjustment to access added advice about the axiological action that will abetment your aggregation in absolutely commutual the accident contour and analysis.  This appearance (phase I) of your action is due no after than May 27, 2018. It should be completed in a WORD format. Use 1 inch margins on anniversary page. Accommodate a awning folio that will accommodate the  Course name and number, division term, your abounding name, apprentice id, and the appellation “STP IG PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION – PHASE 1”.  You should abide this appointment application iLearn. Go to the agreeable area breadth you will see a binder labeled “SEMESTER PROJECT-STP”. Baddest that folder. You will again see selections for appointment Phases I, II, and III. Please baddest Appearance I, and upload the WORD certificate that you created. 

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