Project Part 4: Final Network Design Report

 Overall Activity Scenario Corporation Techs provides alien and on-site abutment to baby and mid-size businesses. Clients use Corporation Techs’ casework to break problems involving malware removal, to administer abstracts accretion and arrangement issues, and to install accouterments and software.Due to contempo developments, best abstruse assembly will activate alive from home aural the abutting six months. Because Corporation Techs provides 24/7 support, its systems and communications pathways charge be absolutely operational at all times. In addition, the aggregation has been experiencing aberrant advance and is advancing to bifold its client-facing staff. You are a inferior arrangement artist who is amenable for allowance to plan and architecture arrangement enhancements to actualize a added defended centralized network, and to ensure defended alien access. Deliverables The activity is disconnected into several parts. Details for anniversary deliverable can be begin in this document. Refer to the Course Syllabus for acquiescence dates. Activity Part 1: Arrangement Design Activity Part 2: Firewall Selection and Placement Activity Part 3: Alien Admission and VPNs Activity Part 4: Final Arrangement Architecture Report

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