Project paper – stragetic business

   Focus of the Capstone Project Paper: You assignment for a consulting Humana Insurance Inc. that has been assassin by a affluent broker who is absorbed in affairs a new business. This broker has asked your aggregation to accommodate an assay on the industry of this new business venture, forth with recommendations for companies operating aural the industry. With Health industry and Aetna & Cinga (two companies operating aural that industry) for analysis. Abode the afterward elements: · Identify alien ecology armament in the alien ambiance that are acceptable to appulse the industry aural the abutting three years. · How will these changes acceptable appulse the companies you accept called for analysis? · Analyze the called industry application one of the models presented in the afterward articles: “A Comparative Assay of Strategies and Business Models of Nike, Inc. and Adidas Group with Special Reference to Competitive Advantage in the Context of a Dynamic and Competitive Environment” and “Business Model Innovation in Corporate Competitive Strategy.” · Make at atomic two cardinal best recommendations for companies to auspiciously accord with the armament operating aural the industry at the present time and in the abreast future. Must be eight to ten A.P.A ONLY  according to APA style, absolute of appendices, references, exhibits, etc. · Must accommodate an anterior branch with a blunt apriorism statement. · Must abode the affair of the cardboard with analytical thought. · Must achieve with a digest of the apriorism and a cessation paragraph. · .

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