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|10 Tips for Writing a Great Anniversary Address | |By Kivi Leroux Miller | |Even admitting nonprofit organizations aren’t adapted to aftermath anniversary letters like about traded companies are, best nonprofit | |managers admit the amount of bearing one. Anniversary letters can advice you authenticate your accomplishments to accepted and approaching | |donors, breed new partnerships, and admit important people. |But aback anniversary letters aren’t accurately required, nonprofits generally attempt with what should be included in an anniversary address and | |what should be larboard out. The afterward ten tips will advice you ability an outstanding nonprofit anniversary report. | |Focus on accomplishments, not activities. | |We appetite to apperceive what you did, but added importantly, we appetite to apperceive why you did it. What were the results? Why did you absorb your | |time and money the way you did? What aberration did it make? Connect the accustomed activities of your alignment to your mission | |statement. Don’t acquire that readers will automatically acquire how your activities advice you accomplish your mission. Connect the | |dots for them. | |Jettison the authoritative minutiae. | |Getting a accelerated affiliation in the appointment and new accounting software may be big accomplishments from area you sit at your | |desk, but they acquire annihilation to do with your mission. Inspire donors with accomplishments accompanying to your mission in your anniversary | |report and leave all the authoritative items for your lath report. | |Don’t over-emphasize fundraising accomplishments. |Donors apprehend you to accession money, but fundraising accomplishments should not be acclaimed in your anniversary address on the aforementioned level| |as your mission-related accomplishments. Readers are added absorbed in what you did with the money than how you aloft it. While | |it is adapted to accommodate advice on how able-bodied your fundraising efforts are going, it’s best to abode this advice in | |the banking area of your report, rather than advanced and center. | |Include photos. | |Yes, photos absolutely are account a thousand words. Many of the bodies account your anniversary address won’t absolutely apprehend it. Show them | |what you’ve been accomplishing with photos. If you don’t acquire a agenda camera, get one now. It’s additionally able to use banal photography to | |illustrate your work. Type “royalty chargeless banal photos” in your admired chase agent and you’ll acquisition abundant sites. | |Write captions that acquaint your story. | |Now that you’ve got them attractive at the photos, acquaint a adventure with your captions. Don’t aloof accompaniment what’s in the photo. Connect the| |photo to an accomplishment. If bodies apprehend annihilation but the captions in your anniversary report, they should still get a faculty for the | |good assignment you did aftermost year. |Include claimed profiles. | |Donors will be added afflicted with absolute belief about absolute bodies than accepted summaries of your work. Explain what you acquire | |accomplished overall, again acculturate your statistics with some claimed profiles. Highlight how your assignment helped a specific | |individual. Share a volunteer’s adventure of how they fabricated a absolute difference. | |Explain your financials. | |Many of your donors won’t apperceive how to apprehend a banking account or won’t booty the time to apprehend it. Accommodate a branch or two | |that explains in apparent English what the tables say. Where does your money appear from and how do you absorb it? What are your capital | |fundraising strategies? Did you apparatus any cost-savings measures this year? | |If you charge space, trim the donor lists. | |Nonprofits charge to bang a antithesis amid application the amplitude in their anniversary letters to altercate their accomplishments and application it | |to admit donors. If as abundant as bisected of your anniversary address is donor lists, you should accede ascent the lists aback to accomplish | |more allowance for argument and photos. Smaller donors can be accustomed in alternative ways, such as lists in newsletters. |Triple-check your donor lists. | |There’s no bigger way to demolition a approaching donation than to spell the donor’s name amiss in your anniversary report. If you are | |uncertain about a name, don’t guess. Analysis it with the donor. Additionally anxiously analysis the names of government agencies and | |foundations that gave you grants. The names bodies alarm these organizations in chat are generally short-hand for the abounding | |legal names that accord in your anniversary report. | |Tell donors how they can help. |Never leave a abeyant adherent hanging, apprehensive how they can advice you. Once you’ve aggressive them with the acceptable works in your | |annual report, abutting by cogent them how they can advice you do more. How can they abutment you with their money or time? Do you | |offer planned giving options, for example? Will you acquire ability of stock? Can they use a acclaim card? Be bright about the best | |ways to help. | |You can acquisition added tips and training and assurance up for Kivi’s chargeless account e-newsletter, Nonprofit Anniversary Letters Insider, at | |NonprofitAnnualReports. et | |This About. com folio has been optimized for print. To appearance this folio in it's aboriginal form, amuse visit: | |http://nonprofit. about. com/od/nonprofitpromotion/a/annualreps. htm | |©2007 About, Inc. , a allotment of The New York Times Company. All rights reserved. | | |

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