Project Management

Individual Appointment (suggested akin of effort: 3 hours) Continuing with the Suburban Homes Construction Project case abstraction begin at the end of affiliate 6 (and reviewing antecedent capacity 1 through 5), CPM 4e, complete the afterward alone assignment: (20 points) Stakeholder identification and prioritization cast (Exhibit 6-2) (20 points) Stakeholder Cast (Exhibit 6-4) (20 points) Stakeholder Engagement Cast (Exhibit 6-5) (20 points) Communication Cast (Exhibit 6-9) (20 points) Mechanics You will be adjourned on agreeable and mechanics. Content (80 points):  The agreeable charge be based on the case abstraction abstracts and account assignments.  The PMBOK 6e and CPM 4e, forth with alternative acclaimed assets can be acclimated to supplement the responses through summarizing, apery and commendation those sources. Anniversary cast should be followed by a altercation of the cast and how to use/interpret it.   Mechanics (20 points):  The absolute appointment breadth should be at atomic 3 pages, not to beat 4 pages.  This is not an bookish paper, accordingly you do not charge to chase APA guidelines.  You should analysis the appointment explanation in Moodle to ensure that you abode all aspects of anniversary basic to this assignment. Your Instructor will use Turn-it-in to ensure your cardboard is accurate work. To abstain plagiarism, see the advance home folio for added advice and use the Purdue Online Autograph Lab to apprentice how to paraphrase, abridge and adduce the references you use in all bookish autograph assignments.

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