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  Orange Corporation is a one of the nation’s better manufacturers of adaptable phones. They accept accessories in San Francisco and Atlanta.  Each year Orange releases a new adaptation of their flagship cellphone.  Most of the architecture and analysis is conducted in the San Francisco ability while Atlanta is focused on business and sales. Anniversary ability will accept three levels (floors) with anniversary attic accepting 50,000 aboveboard feet.  This is a account of requirements: · Controlled admission to the architecture for everyone. · A lobby, appointment area, and sales breadth that needs controlled access · A awful defended breadth for arrangement designers · An acutely defended breadth to abode the abstracts center. · Defended alteration of archival abstracts amid San Francisco  and Atlanta · Defended admission to the Internet for employees Requirements: 1. Present a abundant angle of your recommendations for physical, abstruse and administrativesecurity measures.  2. Anniversary ability has altered needs based aloft its action but some of the aegis requirements are co-located. Be abiding to abut the needs at anniversary location.  3. In your proposal, amuse acclaim categories of countermeasures and the associated risks that the countermeasures mitigate.  4. You are notexpected to acclaim a specific brand/model of a countermeasure.  5. Include a area account added risks that accept not been mitigated by your proposal.   6. Your angle should be a minimum of 10 pages and appropriately armpit all references. 7. You should accept at atomic 5 references with at atomic two actuality associate advised articles. 8. Follow APA format.

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